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Have a Look at the New Art Labor Gallery on Haifang Lu
By Jul 6, 2017 Arts
After a respectable run at their Yongjia Lu location in Surpass Court, one of Shanghai's favorite art galleries Art Labor has moved to a new location in Jing'an. Click on the jump to have a peak inside. It's nice!


Art Labor 3.0 (or 4.0? 5.0?) is at 101 Haifang Lu, near Changhua Lu in a beautiful, two-story stand-alone building just down the street from The New Factories in Jing'an. The first floor is the exhibition space and office, with the second floor loft area, currently still under construction, slated for more exhibition space for the larger shows.

...And also for party space. Art Labor does like a good party.

Designed by award winning architect Andrei Zerebecky, the entire venue, when completed, will be 400 square-meters.

The first floor exhibition space is one room separated into two sections, and slightly smaller than the entire viewing space of Art Labor on Yongjia. It's a bright, almost blinding white cube, which enables artworks to really pop off the walls. Currently "soft open", the present exhibition is a group show featuring all-new work by Lu Xinjian, Wang Qing, Howie Tsui, Island6, Shang Chengxiang, Marc Standing, and Zhou Fan. That's open for viewing until July 27.

Art Labor is planning a Grand Opening party for July 29, after the second floor gets completed. Details on that TBA.

***Insert that thing about 'when one door closes, another one opens' blahblahblah***

For more on Art Labor and the indefatigable owner Martin Kemble, check out this long-read we did right here.

Pictures courtesy of Art Labor.


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