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[On the Scene] Hermes Club 2017 Fall Fashion Show

Hermes Club had a fashion show last night...I think? The famous luxury line pulled out all the stops to showcase their new fall line at the Long Museum. It was more fantastical trip than catwalk, complete with hidden rooms and headless bartenders. Hermes didn't come to play. There was no runway, no models but instead a stage, modern dancers, and interactive displays. Pictures after the jump.


First Impressions

Upon entering the Long Museum, there is a lounge where Hermes bags hang on mirrored walls and some seriously posh people lounge on brightly colored couches. In the next room—“The Hall of Chains”—people stand crammed shoulder to shoulder, waiting for something. Here, there is a bar with mannequin-like torsos offering champagne. All are sporting Hermes bracelets and have two glasses at all times (if a glass is taken, it seems to magically regenerate).

Suddenly, there’s a countdown—5,4, 3, 2, 1. And as if we are about to make a collective trip to see the wizard, a mirrored wall opens and we are ushered to room number 3.

The Show

We are shown to seats which are elevated around a ground-level stage. There are oversized Hermes boxes everywhere like this is a real fancy production of the Nutcracker. The show gets off to a late start, but all agitation is forgotten when two trombone players levitate out of one of the prop boxes. Soon after, a flamenco dancer emerges dressed in a all black with inexplicable pink furry eyebrows. She’ll be the star of the show.

The flamenco dancer saunters over to the Hermes boxes and pulls off the lids dramatically to reveal (with audible gasps from the crowd) the other dancers. They come out sporting the new Hermes line and follow the lead’s movements as if she is conducting some kind of skinny girl tango. Lots of hunching, leaning, and dramatic poses. At the end of the show, the dancer-models all come out to display the line in its entirety.

The After Party

The iconic Birkin bag in Robin's Egg Blue

After the show it’s the after party, where Hermes bags and jewels are displayed like the works of art they are. Guests walk through with drinks and pick at hors d'oeuvres in themed rooms. In the LaLa Land-esque “Vallet Room” party goers can pose for pictures in a prop vintage car. Here handbags glow in effervescent light, you almost feel like if you touch one, you might get burnt. And that's without even checking the price tag.


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