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Photofairs is coming up and CreativeHunt has invites to the VIP opening
By Aug 16, 2017 Arts
Hey creative types, our sister site CreativeHunt (Shanghai's largest creative industries directory) has teamed up with PHOTOFAIRS, and they're providing tickets for the VIP opening night to creative agencies. PHOTOFAIRS, if you don't know, is the city's top art fair for photography, ranging from from vintage work to contemporary visuals. On the opening night, there'll be photographers, artists, curators, collectors, gallery representatives, oh, and an open bar. Find out how you get your hands on a ticket after the jump.


What's Photofairs?

Originally called Photo Shanghai, they rebranded to PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai last year. It remains the city's top-notch art fair for all things photographic. In the past, they've had strong representations from international and domestic artists, like Luo Dan, Leung Chi Wo, Timur Si-Qin and Marc Riboud. Last year's was a real treat, showcasing archival imagery of China.

Each ticket is a single entry for the opening night of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, from 6pm-9pm, on Thursday, 7 September. There'll be a chance to speak directly to the photographers, artists, galleries and collectors from the art industry. Networking!


So about those tickets...

It's simple. Every regular agency that lists itself on CreativeHunt gets one invite, while gold agencies get 2 invites. You can get your company listed right here.


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