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Weekend-Long Exhibitions: 'Welcome to Today' Exhibition and Shanghai Fashion Weekend
Bit of a quieter weekend as far as arty diversions are concerned. The major Instagram-friendly shows are still ongoing — we’re talking about KAWS worship and James Turrell’s Immersive Light of course. You can read what we thought about those here and here respectively. Now that the opening crowds have tapered off a bit, this weekend might be a good time to finally go check them out if you haven’t already. There’s also two multi-day exhibition events running for just this weekend. Details on all this after the jump.


Daily until Apr 16 2017

BTB and Dirty Panda Society pres. ’Welcome to Today’

The Foundry Gallery - 729 Shanxi Bei Lu, near Kangding Lu

The big to-do this weekend is Beyond the Bund and Dirty Panda Society's multi-day, multi-media, multi-faceted, multi-multi exhibition show Welcome to Today. Transpiring today, Saturday, and Sunday, the three-day bonanza is a mixed media exhibition and action art demonstration endeavoring to "depicts elements aimed to ignite awareness to natural resource usage and depletion, consumer trends, and societal array." Each day is assuming a thematic topic -- social, environmental, and cutral -- and encompassing performance arts, a/v installations, debates, workshops, and more. Sounds intense. Sounds like they're going to solve the world here.

Here's the schedule:


April 14 Friday: Societal Engagement

5pm Welcome Reception: Concept introduction
7pm Action Art Series
Film Screening: "Let Them Talk" by Trillion Rexford

April 15 Saturday: Discovering Cultural Identities

12pm Dialogue: sessions begins

12pm Eve Samyuktha Thyagarajan (Trending Veganism)
4pm Jonas Merian (Up cycling Today!)
5pm: Fred Farrow (Stories of discovery)

6pm: Performances

"I wish I were here" by Fred Farrow
"untitled" by Vita
"The invisible man" by Zac
"Silence" by Baiba Rozenfelde and Pauan Soares

Film screenings

1pm: "Dreams" by Akira Kurosawa
3pm: "Samsara" by Ron Fricke

April 16 Sunday: Environmental Cues and Concerns

12pm Dialogue: sessions begin

12pm Alizee Ccm (Zero Waste Shanghai)
4pm Nitin Dani & Anne Ursinus (Green Initiatives)
5pm Estel Vilar (Illumin8tors)

Performance: “Terre Mater” collaboration by Estel Vilar & Daniel Rojas 20mins

Film screening 1.30pm: "Before The Flood" by Fisher Stevens


Sounds kind of bonkers. In a good way. Then again, there's performance art, so maybe it's gonna get cringey. Guess you'll have to check it out to find out!

Daily until Apr 16 2017

Shanghai Fashion Weekend

SH Exhibition Centre - 1000 Yan'an Lu, near Tongren Lu

The other big to-do. Shanghai Fashion Weekend is a three-day immersive fashion and pop culture exhibition with special talks, performances, interactive workshops, pop-up fashion shows, musical events, celebrities from the fashion world, and whatever else. Art meet fashion meets pop and urban culture sort of deal. This one's not actually associated with Shanghai Fashion Week, but could be interesting to check out if you're looking to inject a little randomness into your weekend. 30rmb entry fee for each day. 10.30am to 7.30pm.

View all of SmartShanghai's exhibition listings right here.


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