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Weekend in Art: Shanghai Warm-Up
By Mar 10, 2017 Arts
Things are hotting up on the Shanghai arts front. Although the mainstay of spring shows are launching next weekend to catch collectors en route to Hong Kong’s two big fairs, a handful of galleries are getting things started early. Here's the lowdown on what to see where this weekend…

Moganshan Lu’s M50 hub welcomes two new exhibitions. First is Hangzhou-based artist Xiao Bo with new works on canvas at Gallery 55, grandly opening tomorrow (Saturday, that is) from 3-6pm. While you’re there, do stop by the ShanghART space, revived and reincarnated for a group show called SOW, which stands for Spring Ocean Wave. That features four young artists, working across all kinds of media. Do seek out Liu Yi’s A Crow Has Been Calling for a Whole Day, an installation project that turned heads at last year’s Shenzhen Animation Biennale.

Liu Yi's 'A Crow Has Been Calling... @ ShanghART

Another young artist working with animation (plus painting and drawing) is Gao Yuan. Her first solo in the city opens at newish Anfu Lu spot, Capsule Shanghai tomorrow. Called Eternal Return, at its heart is 2016 animation Lunar Dial, the backdrop of which is six-years worth of acrylic paintings. A selection of those are also on show. Sounds good.

Gao Yuan @ Capsule Shanghai

Towards the Bund, Pearl Lam Galleries celebrates new group show The Plane of Rewriting on Sunday 12 March, 5-7pm. That features works by eight contemporary Chinese artists who address themes, means and outcomes of rewriting, taken here to mean “a transformative process of self renewal, where new traces are created on top of past debris.” In what looks to be a fairly liberal interpretation, that includes Ma Kelu returning to once again paint the New York suburb he used to call home in the aftermath of its massive gentrification; and more literal still, Huang Yuanqing’s calligraphy-based works.

Ma Kelu, 'The Street in Williamsburg' @ Pearl Lam

For everything else, check the art calendar - and happy weekend!


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