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Born at Google: An Executive Leadership Workshop Is Coming to Shanghai

By Oct 26, 2017 Community


Started at Google as the most popular executive leadership training program at the behemoth company, "Search Inside Yourself Institute", is coming to Shanghai November 30 and December 1, at The Living Room by Octave. The two-day leadership workshop will be focusing on developing certain brain intelligence and leadership techniques to help organizational leaders perform optimally and efficiently, in leading their teams. The program will be lead by the institute's CEO, Rich Fernandez, who has worked at JP Morgan Chase, eBay, and was former Director of Executive Development at Google. Skip past the jump for more details. The city is moving up, yeah?

“The wealth of information that we have today has created a poverty of attention” -Emotional Intelligence author, Daniel Goleman

So true.

Since its inception in 2007, the Search Inside Yourself leadership program has spread to Ford, SAP, LinkedIn, American Express, Roche, and other corporations in subsequent years, and is now available for the first time in Shanghai for one session at the end of next month. In a nutshell, the programs involve lectures and workshops incorporating a confluence of neuroscience, behavioral and emotional techniques, and mindfulness training to facilitate company leaders with the tools to motivate their staff to shared goals. The program is in line with Google's mandate of having a healthy, happy, and productive workforce. Basically, the two-day program is 9 am to 5.30pm split into sessions addressing topics like communication with insight, motivation, empathy, team building models, and more. For details, visit their webpage here.


Sounds a little effusive, but the science behind it is actually pretty interesting. SmartShanghai did an interview with the Institute's CEO Rich Fernandez to learn more about "mindfulness" in leadership and developing the "leadership with compassion" techniques that have been adopted by multi-national conglomerates around the world. Look for that piece on SmSh next week.

Interested in going? It ain't cheap. Its origins are Google. Early bird registration are available until this Sunday right here. The early bird price is 7,000rmb all-in. After that, the price goes up to 8,000rmb for all of November leading up to the 30th.

But think of all the money you'll be raking in once you've got these senior executive leadership Jedi mind tricks under your belt! Invest in your future! Invest in the future of humanity!

Again, the early bird ticketing link is right here. Get born again at SIYLI. Event details here:


Born at Google in 2007, the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute programs became the most highly rated and popular among the tech giant's employees. This leadership program spread to Ford, SAP, LinkedIn, American Express, Roche and other corporations in subsequent years, and is now available in Shanghai. This year, the institute's CEO, Rich Fernandez will be leading the two-day workshop for executive leaders, sharing the same tools and training that executives at hyper-growth companies have been receiving since the institute's inception. Tickets are available on SmartTicket.




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