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90 Rescued Cats Need Homes Or They're Going Back Out On These Cold Streets
By Dec 17, 2015 Community
Earlier this month, Think Adoption and Paw Pals Animal Rescue saved 244 stolen cats from a truck bound for Guangdong. About 70 of these were house cats or indoor / outdoor cats, as they had collars on. They've all been neutered now, and some were released into safe residential areas. The rest need homes.

If you're on the fence about cat ownership, consider these points. They fight mice and cockroaches. You've got someone waiting for you when you come home. You don't need to take them outside. They sleep most of the time, and can also function as an alarm clock. They get high on catnip. Of course, you should only adopt one if you've got the time and means to provide care and love.

If you're interested in adopting one of these guys or gals, you can contact Yun on WeChat (ID: Una_icy_cat). Fostering is also an option. We just spoke with Yun about the legality of animal rescue, and she said that rescuers have legal grounds because of food safety laws -- transporting unlicensed food products is illegal, she says, and these cats were likely to end up in soups or as meat products.

In related news, though Xiangyang Park is temporarily closed to humans for renovation, this has not affected the sizable cat community that resides within the park.


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