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Cute Doggos and Puppers Up For Adoption This Weekend with BFC (!)
By May 16, 2018 Community
No VPN needed for dog pics. Some things transcend boundaries. Ahead of Best Friends China Adoption Day at Kerry Parkside this weekend, we got a chance to speak to some pet owners who went the adoption route to see what wisdom they had to impart to those looking to take home a furry friend. (For forever.) We also got a sneak peek of dogs in need of a home. Click through for cute dog pics!


Cute Dogs!!


Whosagoodboy! Whosagoodboy! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!

Sigh. So yeah. SmSh asked adopters from the Best Friend China community for tips (and things they wish they knew before hand) for people who are thinking about adopting for the first time...

Cheng Wenjie adopted two dogs with BFC, Eva and Maui. Eva in September 2015 and Maui this past February.

Adoption is a lifetime commitment. Once you've brought a pet home, it's a part of your family... a lot of them have trouble getting over past traumas. My dog Eva had a very rough "puppyhood" and it took a year of emotional bonding to build trust with her. In Maui's case, he had a car accident, so he was afraid of cars. I had to help him gradually get over his fear. Taking care of a stray dog requires a lot of confidence and patience. You definitely need to give them time. — Cheng.


Josh Del Mundo adopted his dog Marcy last November.

For new pet owners, especially for dogs -- I've never had a cat -- I’d recommend adopting an older animal. I raised a puppy before and it took so much work, while taking care of Marcy, who is about 4 years old, has been a much more pleasant experience — Josh.


Yuki Kazahaya adopted a 2 month-old puppy named Lemon about 7 months ago.

I had 2 dogs before Lemon so I knew most things, but we did research about what she needed in order to live healthy such as vaccines and other treatments and also how much it costs to bring her with us if we need to move back to Japan in the future. If you are thinking of having pet, please consider adoption. Just attend an event to see them or go to their website. They are hard to resist! — Yuki.


Told you the pictures were cuuuuute. See some dogs IRL this weekend at Best Friends China Adoption Day.


Daily until May 20 2018

Best Friends China x KP Zoo Adoption Day

Kerry Parkside - 1378 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu

Adoption Day will run all weekend from 11am to 4pm at Kerry Parkside. It's for those of you interested in adopting a pet, but also for people who just love animals are welcome, you can also learn how you can become a Best Friends China volunteer at the event. No entry.

Photos provided by Best Friends China.


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