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Break Your Heart Reading the Stories of These Homeless Animals on SmSh's Buy & Sell

By Sep 30, 2016 Community


People are selling some awesome stuff over on our Buy & Sell section right now like pool tables, tumble dryers, drones, cinema cameras, xboxes, DVD collections -- all on the cheap. But aside from that, there's also some loving animals that are up for adoption. Their stories, pictures, and details inside.

Barbie The Loyalest Dog Ever

From the ad: "Barbie is a lovely female dog that was abandoned in a small piece of garden located in the intersection of 3 very busy roads in Hongkou district. She was there at least 5 days, waiting for her owner to come back for her." It's just sand in my eyes, guys. Just sand. It goes on to say that they finally were able to rescue her after several attempts. She's been vaccinated and treated for parasites. Read more...

Jade, A Good Looking Cat

From the ad: "The Story of Jade: She is a three-color kitty, some people might think that she is not very beautiful, but she certainly is." Damn right she is, and whoever says otherwise shouldn't get their self worth by judging others. Jade was abandoned by her former family until she was rescued by friends of Paw Pals Animal Rescue. She's super chill and has been dewormed, deflead, vaccinated, and spayed. Read more...

Heidi the Kitten

From the ad: "Kittens Bruno, Heidi and Andresito were abandoned inside a rice bag near the corner of Dongbaoxing road and Baoshan road (Hongkou district) on the evening of May 16. The rescuer was passing by and luckily saw how Andresito was outside the rice bag while the other two siblings were still inside." Bruno and Andresito have already been adopted, but Heidi's needing a new family. Read more...

Kittens Rescued From Sociopath's Cage

From the ad: "Someone left two 2-4 week kittens in a small cage : ( we cannot take them." That's an apt frowny face right there -- some psycho left these two poor kittens in a cage to die. They were luckily saved, but the rescuer can't keep them. They need names and a home. Read more...


Remember that owning a pet is serious responsibility and a long term commitment, but if you've been looking to add a new member to your family, they could certainly use your love. There's many more animals needing homes on our Buy & Sell section. Try to make it through them all without bawling your eyes out.



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