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Celebrate Women's Day with Discounts on Drinking and Stuff
By Mar 7, 2019 Community
Nothing says women’s equality and empowerment like a half-priced lobster, right? Let’s be clear: it’s never enough. Every day is Women’s Day. Or it should be. But in case you are part of the fairer sex, and don’t mind a few token discounts, Shanghai has a few perks for you this Friday. We’ve put together a little itinerary designed to scoop up as many deals as possible.

Start with a light lunch at Urban Thai 2, which comes with a free glass of wine (this is going to get boozy, so be prepared), then walk over to Found 158 to claim your free prosecco with a second lunch at Hooked. Cab it over to Al’s Diner and buy 50rmb worth of ice cream, and claim your free extra scoop (you can spend 50rmb on anything but it might as well be Gracie’s ice cream, given the day). From there, make your way over to DVA Boutique Spa for a slimming massage, at 50% off, NOT BECAUSE YOU NEED IT but just, well, because.

Finish and take a Women’s Day Nap (free). Or go back to work. Once you’re up or off work, you’ve got a few choices.

You could go grab a free glass of wine at Da Ivo, but that only comes with a 998rmb (plus 10%) five-course menu, and will kind of monopolize your evening. Around the corner, the better deal on the Bund is free prosecco and dessert at Italian restaurant Goodfellas. Alternatively, go for a free class at Golden Gloves at 7pm (you’ve registered beforehand), then towel off and make it to Taikoo Hui's seul&SEUL for 50% off a Boston lobster. After dinner, drop into Tacolicious for a free Mexican mule (the drink not the animal) and finally finish off at rollerskating bar RIINK for free shots. Maybe take in a show! Marquis Hill is playing at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and tickets are nearly half-off for ladies. Or skip out on the capitalism altogether and join a brainier get-together: see our full listings for Women’s Day events right here.


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