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Did You Meet Your Boo on SmartShanghai?
By Aug 22, 2017 Community
Hey couples! We want your origin stories, first five minutes of ‘When Harry Met Sally’ style. Well, not all you, just the ones who met through our dating service. It's for our celebration of love in all its myriad, confusing shapes. Hand us the story and we might hand you a prize. Details after the jump.


Did you know we have a dating service with about 21,000 people looking for… love? Well now you know! It’s free, but also selective, so you’re looking through candidates deemed worthy of your attention by SmartShanghai's rigorous standards. We also connect you through events you both want to check out (that's the red 'take a date' tab on our event listings). Common interests; we hear they're important.

Anywho—we’re looking for success stories. If you met your significant other (or have a good tale from dating through our site) email it to: It's for a thing we're writing. And because we know no one ever does anything for nothing, not even love, we've got a SmartDeals coupon available for the best story.


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