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Downloadables: Tales of a Modern Conquistador
By Mar 12, 2014 Community
Here's a salacious bit of contemporary literature, newly available for your Kindle: Too Few Flies For So Much Shit: A Man's Rant of Daily Life in China.

The author is former Shanghai-based Spaniard Joaquín Campos, who, in between stints slinging wine at Torres and tapas at now-shuttered restaurant Mistral, was a bit of a local sensation in Spanish-speaking circles for his blog, in which he apparently wrote a lot about fucking prostitutes, doing sweet drugs, and, of course, ultimately, the human condition. Kind of like the non-union Spanish equivalent of Chinabounder, I think. Anyway, looks like he strung those pearls into a full e-novel and had it translated into English for the whole world to abhor. Here's the plot:

"Rodrigo Mochales lives in China. He is addicted to sex and alcohol, although not necessarily in that order. He supports his vices by dealing leftover Spanish wine that no European would touch to unwitting Chinese customers.

Over the course of twenty-one days, Mochales tells the story of his life and those around him. He has a partiality for prostitution and sordid massage parlors, but a surprisingly refined palate for food and drink. While engaged in his shady business dealings, he thinks about nationalism, culture and dignity.

Although Rodrigo’s soul is by no means immaculate, he is a self-proclaimed lover of purity and he seeks it out in unlikely places -- in a masseuse with a number pinned to her back like a horse ready for the races and in a beggar woman he meets in the street and takes home in an attempt to fulfill his constant desire for intimacy. Amidst this swirl of substance abuse and unprotected sex, Mochales reveals harsh truths about the Asian giant and the lives of the community of expatriates around him that he despises."


Mmmmmyes. Finally. Some TRUTH UP IN THIS SHIT. Sounds like a whole lot of it, too.

But, yeah, it's on there now for the low, low price of 6.50 USD.

I guess time will tell if truth is as lucrative as crap wine and tapas.

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