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SmartShanghai Needs Fresh Intern Blood
By Jan 3, 2019 Community
It's that time of year again — intern season — and SmartShanghai is on the hunt. Our last batch graduated with flying colors and have gone off to do wonderful things. Their chairs are still warm. We want you to fill them with young, fresh blood! We will teach you the dark arts of English language media, we will pay you, keep you warm during the day, and even let you out of the cage to play for 15 minutes every once in a while. Is it a deal?

The warm thing was just a joke. The cage thing is not. But seriously, what do we want? Someone who is bilingual and comfortable doing research in either Chinese or English, and can interview people in either language comfortably. We need a six-month commitment but our weekly hours are flexible: 24 hours a week, spread over four days. You will work directly with the Pulitzer Prize-winning lifestyle journalists behind SmartShanghai, until they kick you out of the office to go do some important lifestyle reporting of your own. ARE BURGER DEALS STILL RELEVANT! TELL US DEAR INTERN!

In exchange, we offer a fun and creative office where you can get your yourself involved in all facets of Editorial and a stipend of 3,000rmb per month. We also get a lot of swag from people trying to influence our editorial direction. That usually goes to interns. Free goodies.

So, what do you say? Wanna do it? Can you commit? Can you handle some basic data entry? Advanced socializing? Professorial lifestyle reportage? Email us at with a CV and a short intro letting us know why you're the right fit for us.

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