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Tue: Elderly Locals Tell Stories About 20th Century China
By Aug 22, 2016 Community


This Tuesday, some elderly locals are telling stories about their past and what life was like in 20th century China from 7-9pm at The Creater Space. The stories are translated to English by an onsite translator, and the last event saw a crowd of 70 people show up for good times and inspiring tales.

Details after the jump.

The monthly session is organized by Beyond the Bund, a for-profit social enterprise (meaning they make money while helping out the community). Speaking on their mission, founder Sarah Ali says, "[The elderly] are quite a knowledgeable yet neglected demographic. So we can try to diminish their isolation and empower them by using them in this knowledge sharing platform." Beyond The Bund also have expats host a similar session in English for the 75 senior citizens in the company's network, so that they can learn about the foreign community as well.

What kind of stories? Sarah says that last time, "One guy talked about when he went to university and had meat for the first time. And he fancied this girl and they had a 18 year long courtship. Another guy talked about how he used make radios, he used to get 20rmb a month, what he used to do with that, and how he became an entrepreneur [afterwards]."

These tales show Chinese life in a way that many foreigners are unfamiliar with, and reveal the positive aspects of eras many think of negatively. You might look differently at that Ayi on the street or your elderly neighbors after this sesh.

So open your mind and head over if you're free on Tuesday and looking to learn more about the days when people trusted each other more. Tickets are 80rmb in advance and 100rmb at the door, including a drink and snacks. Last month's event was fully booked, so RSVP early if you plan on going.



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