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On the Scene: ShanghaiPRIDE 2017 Rainbow Bike Ride
By May 23, 2017 Community
Last Saturday, May 20, ShanghaiPRIDE held its third annual Rainbow Bike Ride to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). Around 200 participants broke into 6 teams, with each team launching from a different point in the city, wearing and representing a different color of the rainbow. Pictures and recap after the jump.


SmSh joined the yellow team, which departed from the Kerry Center. For 30 people biking in a single file, all-yellow line, we didn’t draw much attention to ourselves. Other than temporary tattoos, we didn’t sport any Pride symbols. We were also mostly quiet during the ride, with casual exchanges at the odd red light.

The trip was a light lift, lasting only 40 minutes at a comfortable pace. When we arrived at the park we all looked a bit like an untouched palette — solid blobs of color, with no mixing. But once all teams were present it was the moment we were waiting for: the time to form our rainbow. We lined up in our teams in front of several photographers and one drone. With energy that had been missing on the ride we shouted the ShanghaiPRIDE 2017 slogan: "The time is now!” We even did a coordinated wave while looking at the drone buzzing overhead. When the pictures were done each team enjoyed a picnic of salad and beer. Good times.

All proceeds from the ride went to LGBTQ Groups Open Day & Forum June 17. ShanghaiPRIDE returns in June. Events happening until June 25. Check SmartShanghai events or ShanghaiPRIDE 2017’s site for more details.


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