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Wednesday Night In Gaming: Sportz @ Arcade, Smash Bros @ YKL
By Sep 16, 2015 Community


Hey this looks good. Artists and game designers Mike Ren, Weini Tey and MELS, who you might know from the Basement6 art collective, are showcasing their four-player, tripped-out video game SPORTZ tonight at Arcade.

The gameplay in Sportz is basically like the classic Pong, but they've added a bunch of pop culture references and seizure inducing lights. The kind of people who enjoy GIFs and Adult Swim will probably dig this one. With the game designers coming from Kazakhstan and Minnesota and frequent in-game appearances by psychedelic Arnolds, it's a pretty millennial / postmodern affair. From the SPORTZ website:

"On the surface, in what appears to be a 4-Player Pong Clone, is a deeply engrossing and competitive multi-player action experience that captures the essences of what it means to be an athlete in the NHL, NFL, FIFA*. Filled with emotional brevity, complex narrative-driven gameplay, and fully immersive emergent strategies, Sportz is the culmination of passion and excellence in art, design, and fierce competition."

So that starts Wednesday at 8pm, with the tournament beginning at 9pm. Also, the artists behind this are collectively known as Yoshihiro Bukakemono. Right on.

Also on tonight, The Bearded Bear a.k.a. Zapfler has their Super Smash Bros tournament. That's a weekly affair, with at least two TVs with the Wii and N64 versions going from 7.30pm until late. On regular nights, it's free entry, but as tonight is a tournament, that's 50 bones to get in, including a beer. They've also got a unlimited pizza deal for 80rmb and a free-flow craft beer deal for 100rmb. Games go for eight minutes, with three stocks and no items.

But as you can only choose one, Sportz is the way to go. The game is straight up from Shanghai, and we gotta support the kids actually making culture here.



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