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[A Bunch of F&Bs]

The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.

Alan Wong, Pierre Gagnaire, Glam and a Bunch of Baked Goods: The F&B Gossip Report

By Mar 17, 2017 Dining


All right, diners and drinkers! Another quick one this week. An explosion of bakeries, developments from Obama's favorite food man, and a couple of hot tips from our experts in the field. More after the jump.


Now Open

First of all, that Bowl'd location we mentioned last has reopened on Nanchang Lu here. What a spry little acai smoothie bowl place.

We've also seen a raft of things down in Found 158. Eight, to be exact. They're in various stages of open but they'll all accept your money in exchange for food. Go check out our summary here.

Rising almost too swiftly to be decent from the ashes of Ruijin Cajun's old spot, Palmetto is open tonight for the Open Mic, Open Bar. We wrote about it here; it's from Paul Gray, Chef Gavin McAleer and Jason Oakley, and the idea is "Southern Kitchen and Cocktails." With palm fronds?

Does this count as open? Sherpa's got a new app and it's open for business for anyone with an iOS phone. We tested it out here.

Now Closed

Nothing to see here move along.

Word Around Town

The SmartShanghai team brought back a bevy of news from the F&B trenches this week;

Alan Wong, the man himself, was back in town a couple weeks ago, putting together some items with head chef Beth Cosgrove for their dinner menu and a brand new set menu. If you swing by Alan Wong’s, try the their new Ahi Tuna Poke with moro miso, toasted buckwheat, and goji berries.

Meanwhile, Glam’s new menus continue to feature affordable cocktails and bites that you wouldn’t expect to find on the Bund. We enjoyed the steamed and fried whole cauliflower and Glam’s tonkatsu, chicken, and soft shell crab baos. Ask for the art map for the histories of M’s art collection if you go. Here, enjoy some unabashedly explicit F&B photography.

Glam Baos + Salt & Pepper Squid

Twice Cooked Pork Knuckle

Green Velvet

Harry's Choice

The great Shanghai bakery explosion of 2017 continues unabated. We happened across two new bakery spots currently being installed: Something called Baketopia at a prime piece of real estate at the corner of Jinxian Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu, and a more stately affair called Antoine Bakery at Nanjing Xi Lu and Shaanxi Bei Lu.

Something called Cow Bell Steak & Kitchen is currently going in on Kangding Lu at Changde Lu. Feels Texan or at least "Texan." looks like a "no frills" kind of place.

Lil' Laundry is hosting their Grand Opening party this Saturday at their Portman location. It's a "Lil Street Jam" with a pig roast, live graffiti show, and the requisite DJ. That one gets going at 4pm. Raise a glass to empire building.

And finally, from our man in the field, Chris St. Cavish, slayer of French dining institutions, his pen is named Joyeuse; Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire, one of the city's most anticipated openings in the new Capella Shanghai, will be open to public on June 2. We're locked and loaded.

That's it for this week, Shanghai. Check back next week for more scandalous, unsubstantiated F&B gossip.



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  • 3 years ago qoturoerant Unverified User

    Amelia's on Julu Lu has apparently closed - is that a new thing? Any details?

  • 3 years ago the other alex

    @qoturoerant It's been closed since early January, covered it in an earlier F&BS. tl;dr is “due to matters beyond [their] control." They've been replaced by something called Bulldog BBQ which we haven't tried yet?

  • 3 years ago morgan

    Yeah, they bowed out on January 1 this year.

    "Sadly, Amelia’s first brick and mortar location shut down six months after opening on January 1. They said it was “due to matters beyond [their] control.”

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