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Craft Bows Out, Kathleen's Might Follow, Lebanese Food And Skewers To Help With The Mourning Period
A raft of closures last week, and some more coming up. Craft is already out, and that's just the start. But hey, Styx, Wheat and Eli Falfel opened up. So hey, win some, lose some!


Now Open

Let's get the positive news out of the way. Le Comptoir De Pierre Gagnaire is open. The food is excellent. The service is controversial, judging by the comments section. You can check out what we thought about it here.

Styx also opened on Yongjia Lu last week, doing all kinds of skewers in all kinds of styles.

Healthy eatery Wheat has opened up a new, bigger spot on Fumin Lu, in that little corner under the staircase up to Diva.

Lebanese diner Eli Falfel opened up over the weekend.

Now Closed

Craft shuttered its doors after a party on Saturday. It seems it's been sold to new owners, for a new concept, with a new name. Pour one out for the bar down the end of the alley.

La Pluie has also been aggressively shuttered. After only a couple of months operation, it had its insides torn out and strewn across the sidewalk.

The Word Around Town

Kathleen's Waitan is no longer accepting reservations past September 25. Word on the street is that they might be moving to a bigger and better location, though that's not confirmed yet.

Also, Madison Kitchen and Charmant are also on their way out. Check out our wire from last week.


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