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Franck Low-Key Reopens, Chez Maurice's Other Bar Closes, Finally Some Lebanese Food
By Jul 7, 2017 Dining


Oh man, The Mansion is gone! It's gone! It's never coming baa-- oh we already did this one? Damn. Being published last thing on a Friday is a mixed bag. Sometimes I get to break the news, sometimes it breaks me, White Castle. You know what you did.

Anyway, here's the break-down; Franck Bistro is open again, no big deal, whatever. A trio of shut-downs, and we've got a new Lebanese spot coming in real soon next to Avocado Lady.


Now Open

Bit of an eclectic mix opening-wise, what with use checking out Chez Maurice's newly renovated bar, Sumo Cat Ramen Club and gelato window Buco. Check out what we thought about them here.

A new cigar lounge/cocktail bar opened up across the street from Sober Company. It's called Poker House. It's a four-story spot with a cozy bar on the first floor, an anonymous office on the second, and a Bond-villain looking private cigar lounge (free for anyone to enter if it hasn't been booked out) on the third. They've got this gimmick where every time you buy a cocktail, you draw a card. If the card is of that day's chosen suit, you can get a free drink... exactly one week later, if you bring the card back to the bar. Devious little card-counters.

Better Bentos has launched two locations doing bento boxes full of healthy lifestyle buzzwords; whole-food, organic, super-food, avocados probably feature. They do delivery or eat-in, and you can order by phone, WeChat or on their website though their "buy online" page appears to be down at the moment.

Nanbo Wan HotPot opened up just down the street from us, where a place called NYC Lounge used to be. It looks snazzy. It stays open late. Like a bizcas hotpot joint. No sitting on plastic stools or rolling your shirt over your belly here. Or at least, not before like 2am.

Did anything else happen? No? Feel like I'm missing somethi-- oh Franck Bistro is open again. It's actually been open for like two weeks already, but they've been real cagey about letting anyone know. Anyone except all the people that've been going there to eat, that is. It seems like everything is largely the same as it was before the cataclysmic Franckicide from a couple months ago, with the exception that Franck Pecol is no longer involved. They might not even keep the name. Dinner's available Tue-Sun from 6-10.30pm, and they've got a brunch on weekends from 11.30am-2.30pm.

So, that's a thing.

Now Closed

Yongfu Lu stalwart The Apartment finally closed its doors. There've been rumblings of trouble behind closed doors for a while now, but it seems like it was landlord issues that finally did it in. You can read about it here.

Boxing Cat Hongqiao closed too. Read about that here.

Earlier this week, we went to check out a little wine bar called Vinism from the owners of Chez Maurice. It was closed. We asked at Chez Maurice across the street, and that's how we found out they'd renovated their bar. My point is, Vinism didn't even have time to make itself known before it got shut down by neighbors who thought it was too noisy. Couple months, max. Same old story.

The Word Around Town

Most of the scuttlebutt's been covered elsewhere this week, and I've only got two more little things to throw in there;

Rumor has it that basement-dwelling beer place Drei Kronen has been renamed to DK1308 after, and this is wholly unsubstantiated rumor-mongering because that's what the FAKE MEDIA does in 2017, they lost a trademark suit with a Beijing restaurant by the same name. Legal dramas! There's also word that they've changed their chef and are under new management. Just FYI, in case that was your favorite brauhaus.

Eli Falafel's coming up real soon. It's moved into the space where Hungry Mike used to be on Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, and they've got an authentic-sounding "we're open soon" sign in the window.

Lebanese family bringing some "artisan Lebanese gourmet." Man. Be still my beating heart.



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