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New Sproutworks, New Tailor, New Empire, So Much Renovation Going On Right Now
Hey Shanghai. La Bota's closed on Dagu for renovations. Celia's closed for renovations (during the weeknights). Hunter Gatherer is closed for renovations. They're going to carve "closed for renovations" on my tombstone. New Paradox open on Dagu. New Tailor Bar incoming. Bottles XO does craft beer. And yeah, there's another grand opening in Found 158 happening RIGHT NOW. DEUS, this time. Deets, jump.


Now Open

La Bodeguita, Diner and Pirata all opened. You can read all about our culinary impressions, including awesome pancakes, right here.

There's a new place that does ice cream and tiramisu called Kiss the Tiramisu on Fumin Lu. We haven't tried it yet, but man, how badly can you screw up ice cream and tiramisu? Realistically, probably pretty badly, that's a lot of dairy, but hey, it looked good.

After Cheese & Fizz was shut down, French restaurant and wine bar Paradox opened up there instead. Maybe they can pull it off in the same place, here's to them.

Porky's is open for y'know, pork stuff, with a nice outdoor area on Yuyuan Lu, not far from the original Co. Cheese.

Ban Ban from Sproutworks is open in IAPM mall. Healthy food!

Now Closed

Hunter Gatherer in Hubindao is shut for actual renovations, until Sunday. Fret not.

Blue Marlin was the price we paid for Porky's. It's now closed.

Celia is closed! Forever! Naw just kidding also renovations, they have events on for the weekend -- this weekend, of course -- bit not during the week. Horrible news for your friends who don't know how to take a night off ever.

El Patio is out. Bull & Claw to be moving in.

La Bota on Dagu is shut. For "renovations." They posted this undated sign in the window.

We saw it on Monday. We'll keep our eyes open for that free sangria.

The Word Around Town

Tailor Bar 2.0 coming in June to a Huashan Lu location near you (if you live on Huashan Lu). The word is that it'll be similar, with no menu, but they'll probably take this chance to switch things up a bit. More details as we get closer to the date.

Cocktail lounge/bar DEUS has its Grand Opening tonight! Because Found 158 will never stop never stopping. We've been down there, and it's a nice spot. Cocktails are solid, the place looks snazzy and they've got a real nice turntable. Hope you stick around DEUS, because if the grace of God can't sustain Found 158, it'll be left to the other guy. You know. Arkham.

And now a word from our roving researchers.

Grand Kempinski in Lujiazui has two new menus rolled out at their Italian restaurant Acqua and Albero. The first one features classic Italian cuisines (seafood and meat heavy), and a Maine lobster set menu, with some creative twists from their new Chef de Cuisine Chef Federico Mainardi. Albero on the other hand, offers Spanish food with lots of inspiration from Scandinavian and Chinese ingredients, alongside a few molecular gastronomy options. The food's well-executed and especially good for a "guess what is it made from?" conversation with your friends.

Nice. Anything else?

One of the (former) concerns behind popular cocktails lounge Arcade is making a Bund-ward move, opening a youth-and-fashion-oriented club and lounge in the immediate vicinity of The Fellas at Yan'an Dong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. Look for Empire, coming to you in the next few weeks. [Edit: Apparently it doesn't have anything to do with Arcade, except that the "concerns" concerned used to work there, but doesn't anymore.]

It just became easier to avoid all contact with the outside world and human society, politely getting drunk in your apartment by yourself like the polite and self-reflexive person your are: booze delivery APP Bottle XO is now delivering craft beer. These craft beers in fact:

Have at it, beard-os. Lots of great China-based brews available from Shanghai, China, and beyond.



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  • 1 year ago J Bishop

    Actually, La Bota was already re-opened by the time this article was published.

  • 1 year ago handoogies

    News about any venue in Pudong might as well be about another city

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