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Revolucion Reopens, Mojito Man Hits Shanghai, DAGA's Rebranding and Cobra Lily Turns One

By Feb 2, 2018 Dining


Wow, bunch of stuff happening these days, but we're still confirming a lot of it. But it's going to be big. It's going to be huge. It's going to make the F&BSsss after this one a real kick in the nuts, a real humdinger. I'm submitting the whole series for the Pulitzer in intrepid F&B reporting. This edition though... it's all right, I guess. There's some stuff, let's leaf through it; Revolucion reopened, there's a nice-looking Japanese place called UMI in Taikoo Hui mall, a new Pie Society... oh, Market 101 by Goga closed down at some point? DAGA Brewpub is diversifying itself, and Bread ETC is launching a new menu and doing half-off, that's cool. Oh, Cobra Lily is turning 1 year old! Bless its little ophidian heart.

Now Open

After a cheeky month of renovations that I totally missed somehow, Revolucion has reopened. It's a bit bigger now!

Here's what it looked like before! Does it still look like that? Go and find out!

Swiftly replacing the gap left by recently departed CDS (Dagu Lu) is Mojito Man. Hailing from from Beijing's Sanlitun, they serve... well, it's in the name, isn't it? They're open as of today, and until Feb 9, they're doing buy-one-get-ones on their 30rmb mojitos.

We've got yet another opening in Taikoo Hui. This time, it's UMI, an upscale Japanese spot from Chef Bjoern Alexander, previously of Hong Kong's KEE Club. It's got a nice-looking illuminated rooftop terrace space, so you know it's legit. They're serving up delicately assembled sashimi and, just guessing, there'll be sea urchins involved. All the nice places do sea urchins.

New Pie Society has brought its pies and breakfast to the northern edges of Shaanxi Bei Lu.

Casualty List

Brad Turley's sandwich shop Market 101 by Goga has closed down, but its sandwiches are still available from Goga.

Morganfield's in SML has shuttered its doors. Don't worry, there're other places you can get stakes.

Hungry Lung's Kitchen (Jiashan Lu) location closed. Three Hungry Lung's Kitchens remain, including the latest in Raffles City.

The Word Around Town

DAGA Brewpub on Tai'an Lu is going all chrysalis on us for a little bit starting this weekend, and plans to reemerge in a couple months as a beautiful, majestic... steakhouse/Spanish tapas/coffee shop/bar place called Aloe. So diverse!


What else? Haven't written about Shanghai's favorite culinary landfill in fifteen seconds, what's going on there? Uh... Turkish restaurant Pera is adding Indian food to their menu on Feb 6. There, that's news!

The Happening

Bread Etc. launching a new Asian/Mediterranean dinner menu and doing half off on it for the next two weeks! That's cool, people like that place.


Hip cool Asian spot Cobra Lily's having its one year anniversary today! It's 200rmb entry, which gets you two drinks and a bunch of snacks in their some fancy Old-Shanghai themed surroundings. Happy birthday to those guys!



Check back next week for more irresponsible, unsubstantiated F&B gossip.



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