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"A foreign DJ does not guarantee you to be hip especially in a place like Shanghai"

By Jul 19, 2016 Dining


So many literary gems, dish recommendations, and truths in our user reviews of restaurants and bars these days. Much love to everyone who wrote in (you can do it from your mobile on our app now). Yes, it's been a minute, so let's take a look back and give away not one but TWO 500rmb Sherpa's gift vouchers to whoever wrote the finest reviews.

"If it were possible for a food to have negative flavor, this ranch would be it." -- dteeban on Hooter's (the review is titled, "Disappointingly wack").

"Conclusion: the beer is not worth the money, the service is subpar, but the food keeps me coming back once in a while and a lot less often." -- burnilein on Shanghai Brewery (Hengshan Lu)

"Solid spot for any meal, which a portion/quality/price index that is well worth a visit. Service is friendly and efficient. Bottom-line: delicious food that is both healthy and filling. I walk away full and happy every time! *applause*" -- alinaganyan on Chicken & Egg

"Brass tacks: very high-quality ingredients and the 3 taco lunch set is plenty of food at a price that is worth what you receive." -- alinaganyan on Tepito

"This Carrefour is absolutely enormous and has most groceries you need, although the yogurt section is disappointing -- it's pretty much all drinkable yogurts, and it's impossible to find a plain and unsweetened yogurt." -- julietd on Carrefour (Xujiahui)

"BLEND BLEND BLEND. It is VERY noisy in the small cafe. The crunch of ice and then the bevy of Shanghainese office women, and the pregnant expat wives make it a bit crowded. Finally, my drink is done. And the large size is really big. … I might give it another shot, but it was much more of a drink than a bowl. And not a very tasty one at that. You've got one more shot Bowl'd." -- TSkillet on Bowl'd

"MAYA, keep doing what you're doing. -- Cstonerun on Maya

"i remember this place used to be good…. but … not anymore i guess" -- kirk1978 on glo London

"I think all my sport memories in Shanghai belongs to this place. … I would complain just because they took away my favorite dessert that was the ice cream with the brownie that was awesome but it's not there anymore." -- aschilliro on Big Bamboo (Nanyang Lu)

"I can see why adults past the "ballin-on-a-budget" student stage would disapprove of this place. But personally, although I could never settle for instant ramen for dinner, I can certainly appreciate this place for its dirt cheap drinks and lovably trashy spirit." -- julietd on Perry's (Huaihai Zhong Lu)

"The 9 courses you get for 300 kuai (without alcohol) combine to an interesting, creative, and tasty blend of dishes, yes... however, it was not in our opinion some sort of baptismal, valhalla moment that seemed to be experienced by the first two reviewers here." -- rleberenz on Sabor

"A foreign DJ does not guarentee you to be hip especially in a place like Shanghai. -- emelie on POP American Brasserie

"Yangmei lemonade was on point though." -- Marcela M on Madison Kitchen


Alright the Sherpa's cash goes to julietd, for reviewing not just Perry's but Perry's and Carrefour, and to rleberenz for a balanced review of Sabor. Remember, we do this... often. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about it.



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