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Austin Hu is Hosting the Mother of all Food Festivals This Weekend

By Sep 3, 2019 Dining


There's a lot of chefs in Shanghai. Pretty much all the Western ones will be in one place on Sunday: The Heritage Eats food festival. Hosted by Austin Hu at his South Bund restaurant, this thing will bring together 21 different chefs (and counting) cooking the food of their "heritage". That's a lot of clogs. So who is cooking?

We'll get to that!

First, the point of this thing, in Hu's words:

"I’ve wanted to do a food festival for years, and while I’ve done a ton of them myself I wanted to give customers something a bit different than the usual festival fair.

I’m somewhat obsessed with cultural heritage and understanding the roots of food I thought it’d be fun to eat stuff that is more about where the chefs are from vs where they’re cooking now.

For some people they’re fortunate where they’re already cooking things of their own culture, or own their own restaurant so they don’t care so much about the labels, but for others you don’t always get the chance to do that and I thought it’d be a treat to see and taste that sort of thing.

I just think that in a city like shanghai we’re blessed to have an international community of chefs, many of them cooking their non native cuisines, and it’d be fun to see what they actually consider their “home” cuisine.

Plus I had the chance to try some of their food at private events or house parties etc, and they’re freaking awesome. Hardeeps Indian food is great. Lorraine, who isn’t a chef by training, makes amazing southeast Asian food because of who she grew up with.

Good shit should be shared."

So there you go. Expect a lot of stuff to be shared. A lot of heart on the plate cooking. And probably a lot of drunk chefs as the festival moves into the evening hours.

So, the 21 chefs:

Anna Bautista of Highline
Austin Hu of Heritage by Madison
Blake Thornley of Blackbird & Oha Eatery
Brian Tan of Gourmet Library
Carlos Sotomayor of UP Shanghai
Danyi Gao of, most recently, Bun Cha Cha
Eduardo Gomez of El Santo and more
Hardeep Somal of Bull & Claw and more
Jason Oakley of Cages
Javier Carrizosa of Fomo Pancake
Jessica Chu of Fresh Off
Kelley Lee of too many to mention
Koen Vessie from el Willy
Ling Huang from Pirata
Lorraine Li from Saucepan
Michael Janczewski of Canton Disco
Michael Wendling of Cuivre
Sean Jorgensen of The Cannery
Sergio Moreno of The Commune Social
Simon Sunwoo of Boxing Cat Brewery
Stijn of Tomatito

Click here for the event listing with details. Happens from 11am-9pm on September 8. Six tickets for 100rmb.



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