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Ayyyy, Cantina Agave Is Back
By May 5, 2017 Dining
Shanghai's partying like it's 2008 tonight for Cinco de Mayo with the return of Fumin Lu hotspot of yore, Cantina Agave. They rolled out their lunch menu today, their boozy, blitzy brunch returns on Sunday, the new dinner menu is available on Monday, and they've got a Cinco de Mayo party on tonight. Gonna get so messy. Gonna get so real. Gonna get so white-people-wearing-sombreros, pissing themselves, waiting in line for the single bathroom stall. Details and pictures after the jump.


A Kelly Lee and Friends joint, this prime piece of property was recently a tapas placed called Tepito. Reacting to a serious influx in the Shanghai Mexi food market a few years back, Tepitos re-branded from originally being "Cantina Agave", and offered a pricier menu, a chef from Mexico City, a hipper design, and more creative tapas and sharing plates, as opposed to the then standard burritos-nachos-quesadilla menu that is now pretty ubiquitous around town.

"EFF THAT," said Shanghai.

"Give us the standard burritos-nachos-quesadilla menu. And a place to get blitzed loaded for brunch and Mexi holidays. Maybe a week night too."

Tepitos was... divisive, I guess.

So they're back with Cantina Agave -- the sign went up yesterday -- and back again with the Burrito Papito (70rmb), the Burrito Mamita (80rmb), the Quesadilla (60rmb), Chef Edgar's Nachos (50rmb), the plate of 3 Hard Tacos (66rmb), and Chef Edgar's Nacho's (60rmb).

Feast your eyes.

The Mexican Shanghai used to feast on thousands of years ago back in 2008

The lunch menu offers the aforementioned "classic" Cantina Agave options, along with a range of sandwiches (that's "The Cubano" above there, a 65rmb gutbuster), salads, and rice bowls. The dinner menu is going to be a mix of the Cantina Agave stuff with the popular Tepitos stuff. That comes out Monday.

The salsa cart is back from the pawn shop

They've also got the salsa cart back. And they're looking to recapture that party-party-party atmosphere of Cantina Agave circa 2008 with their Cinco de Mayo party. We'll see, I guess.

They're expecting guests

Going through the back pages, evidently, there was a time when it was opined by this very website that this one Mexican restaurant Cantina Agave, on Fumin Lu, was so popular, it was like the manager's penis was the friggin' key to the city.

Who would write something so juvenile, I know not.


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  • 2 years ago Donny who loved bowling Unverified User

    I'm sure Chicken & Egg killing it everyday while Tepito sat empty chapped some serious asses in the Lee camp.

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