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Ayyyy The New Taco Bell Is Open
By Dec 12, 2016 Dining
Title says it all really. The new Taco Bell is open. (Ayyy.) Yeah, it's definitely a Taco Bell. SmSh just had lunch there. Feeling kinda awesome, feeling kinda gross. Which is to say, the authentic Taco Bell experience. Stomach rumbling. Feeling anxious. Feeling... I dunno, depressed? This is all par for the course for a Taco Bell lunch. Taco Bell is here, my friends. Menu and prices after the jump.


The Taco Bell is in Pudong right outside Exit 2 of Lujiazui station. Yeah, eating Taco Bell in Pudong. Just lovin' life. Really feel like I'm going places! Watch out we got a real winner comin' through!

They've been open for three days and for lunch today (Monday), they were absolutely rammed. Full of Americans getting that little piece of home. (Dysentery.) Yeah, a bunch of Americans and the editors of Time Out magazine, incidentally, because Taco Bell is all they can afford, the poor sods! Alas! The indignity! But for real, it was packed. No seats even. For the next little while, avoid peak hours if you don't want to wait. We waited like 30 minutes for our order. Waiting for Taco Bell, that's like waiting to get punched in the face. Thank you for being so patient, KAPOW.

Yep. That's the menu. Just straight ahead Taco Bell. No fuss, no muss.

And there it is! Some tacos, some quesadillas, some Dorritos-dust fries. And... chicken wings? Yeah, chicken wings. It was all pretty blaaarrrrg. Yeah, that's my professional critical opinion: It's blaaaarrrrg. They serve booze though. Asahi draft, and three mixers -- a mojito, a margie, and a gin fizz. They tasted liked they were mixed with materials not of this earth.

And... that's it! Not much else to say really. Taco Bell. If you know, you know, if you don't... well, here's the address. They're open daily from 10am to 11pm.


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  • 2 years ago Morgan's stalker Unverified User


  • 2 years ago Unverified User

    but is the cheese the goopy variety pumped through a nozzle unto nachos?

  • 2 years ago morgan

    The cheese is indeed the gloopy variety.

  • 2 years ago asstrilll Unverified User

    seems like a mecca for white people, i mean just look at that photo

  • 2 years ago Unverified User


    does a resto full of whiteys get your panties in a bunch?
    better make a run for the border...

  • 2 years ago Steve T Unverified User

    It closes at 11pm?? But everybody knows that prime Taco Bell hours are from 12am - 5am

    And it looks like I'll have to spend closer to 100 kuai to get enough food to where I really hate myself afterwards which is about $5 more than i would spend in America...AND I DON'T SEE ANY CRUNCHWRAP SUPREMES ON THE MENU

    I'm disappointed to say the least. But will obviously still be going

  • 2 years ago fromwhombell Unverified User

    I went yesterday and was quite impressed. Although not all menu items from America the quality was just as good and about same price.

  • 2 years ago TSkillet

    The food is a lot spicier than Taco Bell in the US. I mean, normally Taco Bell is as bland as all get out (I'm saying from experience) but this had me sweating like I was eating appetizers at Gu Yi. But otherwise everything was almost the same as the US - much much smaller menu. The soft tacos only came with those fluffy wraps they use for Gorditas - so not a true soft taco. (er, not that you'd expect to go to Taco Bell for a true soft taco).

    Prices are slightly up from the US - either that or they're missing the .39 hard shell tacos/10 for $2.50 deal. Also missing are favorites like churros, pintos and cheese and as my friends in the US were asking - there's no Doritos Locos Tacos. (I actually had one when I was home - frankly, they're terrible).

  • 2 years ago Alayna

    Steve T, they do have a version of the crunchwrap supreme. It is the double decker taco. It has the hard taco served in the soft taco.

    I was actually pretty impressed with it, actually. The hot sauce is home made, I think... not the stuff from the packets.

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