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Bubba's Resurfaces South Of The Border With La Mesa
By May 8, 2019 Dining
Hey, Ken Walker's back! That's a name you might recognize from prized 'cue-head and chilli cook-off institution Bubba's BBQ, or from Bordertown. Seems he's drifted further south of the Rio Grande: his latest venture, La Mesa, has both feet planted in a street food stall parked on the southern side of The Wall™.


It's the latest thing to take that corner spot in More Than Eat with the street-front window, which has already seen like four things come and go in the last year. Haven't seen Latin American street food in there though — it really rounds out the food offerings. F&B destination!


The one-page menu features quesadillas (68rmb), empanadas (four for 48rmb), arepas (two for 48rmb), a section with slightly adventurous soft-shell tacos people are into now ("28 each... or two for 50!"), Cuban sandwiches (58rmb), burritos (78rmb) and a handful of skewers. Nothing overtly American. They don't even use American beef in the burgerrito! The lack of a substantive booze menu feels like an oversight. Fans of Ken will be disappointed to see the only thing BBQ-ish is a roasted chicken. No scent of applewood chips here, but still feels... y'know. American. It's hard to shake a fifteen year legacy as king of 'Murican BBQ and chimichangas.


I prefer hard shell tacos to soft shell tacos ("inefficient burritos"). Now that we know where you and I stand on this hot-button issue, I enjoyed most of the ones at La Mesa. Mojo Style Pork and Beef Barbacoa: hit. Spicy Ground Beef: miss. The Cuban sandwiches are pretty great, and the burrito is tasty but a bit small for 78rmb. We'll see how Ken's new joint jostles with Tacolicious, Cantina Agave, and, dare I say it, Taco Bell.

I dare. I dare say it. Taco Bell has hard shell tacos and something that resembles tequila.


Grand Opening on May 9. 5-10pm, 50% off all food and free beers.

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