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Dada's New Bar is Open, Camel's Closed, and Zapata's Turns 13
Don't worry, Camel's only closed for two days. Psyche. All the rest is true though. Plus like eight more openings. Details after the jump.


Now Open

Arkham and Paramount have opened. Both of them are reduxed versions of beloved historical clubs, so staggeringly important to the landscape of Shanghai that we did two OTRs this week. Read 'em here and here.

Crafted (not to be mistaken for Craft'd), by the folks behind Bistro Burger has opened up on Hengshan Lu, slinging American food and Goose beer.

There's a new Little Catch in Xintiandi. Poke fans rejoice.

DengBa Craft Beer Bar opened on Yan'an Xi Lu. Craft beer!

Ruin Bar (not to be mistaken for My Place Ruin Bar or Rui) is open behind Dada. Sounds like an interesting joint, bit fancier, bit more... speakeasy, they said? Might have to go check it out.

Sweet & Bold is open on Sinan Lu, doing some good-looking ice creams.

Speaking of frozen goodies, Spoooon (four O's, not to be mistaken for SPOON, three O's) has opened up on Yongkang Lu. Looks like they're doing frozen greek yogurt, which is cool, I can get behind that. Can't get behind the name. Good luck memorizing how many O's when you're searching for it online. How does that work in conversation? "No no, not Spooon, I went to Spoooon."

Finally, Sir Elly's Terrace and its gorgeous Bund view is opening tomorrow.

Now Closed

Camel has closed!... for today and Sunday, while they have a party. PSYCHE.

The price we paid for that Little Catch? The Spread the Bagel that was there before is now closed down.

Kaiba on Dingxi Lu closed down for renovation (no quotation marks), to open again on May 20 with "a new look, a new vibe."

Meanwhile, Mex & Co is closing on May 16 for a bit of renovation work. They expect it'll take a month and a half or so, something about a fire hazard. Really hoping this isn't a quote "renovation" unquote situation though.

Word Around Town

Taikoo Hui's opening soon with like a million things opening, including seul&SEUL, Din Tai Fung, a Zwilling restaurant, Paris Blanc, Heytea (naturally), Chikalicious Dessert Bar, Hunter Gatherer, a Grandma's Home Time Travel (wait what) and the biggest Starbucks Roastery.

Austin Hu's next thing is gonna be called Diner, I guess.

Obligatory Found 158 update: Pera's got its opening party tomorrow. The party won't stop. It can't stop.

Finally, it's the 13-Year Anniversary of Zapata's. That's... man. That's impressive. Kudos to those guys. Que viva, etc.



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