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Mr & Mrs Bund Celebrates 8 Years, News from Fengsheng Li, and Another Opening Party in Found 158
Happy Easter, if you celebrate Easter. For the rest of you, happy discounts and deals off chocolate in animal shapes. There's activity on the Bund, news from Fengsheng Li, nothing at all from Sinan Mansion, and yet another grand opening party down in Found 158. It's party 24/7 down there. More after the jump.


Now Open

First off, there're all kinds of Easter brunch and dining things going on. You can check out our rundown here. If you're not into Christ's resurrection, instead rejoice that Xixi Bistro hath returned unto her flock and you can read about it here. Spoilers: yeah it's pretty good.

Some quick updates from Fengsheng Li; Miss Mustache is open. It's a Spanish tapas and bar, from the people who brought you Mustache.

There's also Briant (not Buant, as I originally thought the illegible cursive sign out front said). It's a bakery. Sliced bread for 23rmb. Faint smell of sour milk in the air, some enterprising individual might be able to net himself a tidy 300k payout. Eeeeey.

Cafe Des Stagiares's got a grand opening party going down in Found 158. Yes, another grand opening party in Found 158. It's a rotating carousel of opening parties down there. To the people who were like "what's with all these boring fancy dining places boo hiss," maybe go down there. The YKL spirit lives on, with a nicer rug.

Paras Coffee has reopened its spot on Shaanxi Nan Lu after some questionable renovation.

Finally, Bar Rouge is holding a terrace-opening party in the brief window of warm weather before it gets rainy again on Sunday. If only that terrace could speak. What stories it could tell. They've got Part 1 of the party lined up for tonight and tomorrow.

Now Closed

It technically still has a week left, but the original Hunter Gatherer on Anfu Lu is shutting down.

Hitachino Beer Nest. Technically it hasn't opened, but we thought could speculate wildly about why they haven't made any progress in like, three months. Stuck our head in earlier, and it still looks like this;

What could be going on? License troubles? Trademark conflict with Jackie's Beer Nest? Arguments with the Sinan Mansions management? Contractor absconded with the money and workers demanding overdue backpay? Fallout over geopolitical tensions? An embarrassing family scandal? Or maybe they've just opened up new venues in San Francisco and Tokyo and they're focusing on those. It's a mystery. We could keep speculating. Or they could finally just return our emails.

The Word Around Town

Speaking of Fengsheng Li, there's some stuff that looks set to open soon and not-so-soon in that mini-mall at 237 Maoming Bei Lu.

Blue Tree appears to be the latest outlet for the moderately popular trendy coffee chain. This place looks like it could be open any day now. Next to it there'll be something from those Hi-Chew candies called HiFRUiTY, except since the sign provocatively reads "drink me," I guess it's going to be a fruit drink place. Looks like they'll be joined soon-ish by a pair of dim sum places and a Japanese joint. Stay tuned for more.

New cocktail bar Wonderland opening early next week. Brought to you by Johan Holmberg (previously of Parrot and el Coctel), it sounds like he's following the mixological tea-trend. Big ol' sign behind the bar reading "We're All Mad Here," which should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Mr. & Mrs Bund has their 8th anniversary do happening this weekend! A stalwart of the Bund scene, they're holding a 70s disco party with a not-so-secret guest they're teasing with #MagnoliasForever. Congrats to those guys, 8 years on the Bund ain't no easy thing.

That's it for this week, Shanghai. Check back next week for more scandalous, unsubstantiated F&B gossip.


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