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Fancy(ish) Resurrections, New Brut Cake Cafe Incoming, and Frog Legs Are So Hot Right Now Guys

By Jan 19, 2018 Dining


A good week for fans of things involving at least a veneer of upscale dining and wine; Roof 325's back, so's Bombay Bistro, and, bit of a surprise, Enoterra wasn't as dead as we thought. Meanwhile, Fat Mama,Urban Diner and *gasp* Mr. Pancake House on Julu Lu has shut down. In exciting, incoming news, we've got a new Brut Cake Cafe opening at the end of this month, and guys. Guys. Frog leg noodles. Frog leg noodles are burning up the Dianpings and the Weibos. Intriiiiigued...?


Now Open

Resurrection! The old People's Square racecourse clubhouse has had a few venues in its rooftop venue, including Kathleen's 5. The most recent one, Roof 325, has reopened in soft opening, having spent like a year or so under renovation.


Rooftop 325's fancy new/old digs

More resurrections. Enoterra on Anfu Lu has reopened after laying fallow for a couple months! They're holding a "Lights Back On Reopening Party" with wine-by-the-glass for 30rmb and free finger food.

More resurrections. Remember how last week we said Bombay Bistro was reopening in Found 158? It's reopened.

The Sumo Cat on Xinle Lu has moved just upstairs. It's a bigger space, and they've got plans for more dishes. In other upstairs-downstairs, Happy Buddha's new ground-floor location has opened. Oh, and ALL Club is open again.

Now Closed

Urban Diner closed down, after a little under 2 years serving up diner comfort food.

Homey Italian eatery Fat Mama's moved around the city a few times, but its nearly 3-year old location, Fat Mama (Wuyuan Lu) has closed.

Ariverdarechee, Fat Mama.

End of an era! Mr. Pancake House on Julu Lu has been cleaned out.

Brazen copyright-strike-in-waiting Eataly has closed down on Wulumuqi Lu. Finally, the road is clear for gigantic international chains to move in! The time is now, corporate types!


Bistro Burger has closed for renovations for like the nineteenth time in a year. They'll be reopening in February. Hit up Beef & Liberty or Al's Diner if you need a burger to fill the void.

Oh and OH.MY.BURGER closed. Ooooh grim venue reaper. No more donut burgers for you, Shanghai.

The Word Around Town

"Smart Xinjiang" Xibo is opening/has oepned a new spot on that mini-mall on Maoming Lu, with a bunch more places incoming too.

The second location from cafe/furniture showcase Brut Cake Cafe is coming in at the end of this month on Zhaojiabang Lu. Similar in spirit to the original on Yuyuan Lu, this one's bigger and on a larger road, but it still has the outdoor seating, the refreshing fusion-ish cuisine, and the interior designed by someone who clearly knows how to do interior design.


Oh and they're now part of China F&B Group. Which, apart from having the SEO market cornered, is responsible for "pizzeria" Papa John's and "awesome ice-cream joint" Dairy Queen in China. That might explain why there's a Papa John's and a Dairy Queen opening up literally next door.

There goes the neighborhood.

Aaand...that's all I've really got. Trying to keep these short, but did you know that frog leg noodles are really hot right now? Super hot. The hottest. You want some bullfrog legs in your noodles? Our man on the street says Fu Gui and Ha Ling is where you need to be.


Check back next week for more irresponsible, wholly unsubstantiated F&B gossip.



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