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"Don't expect more than mall food!"

By Jan 18, 2016 Dining


Cash money! Who wants some? They said we're crazy for giving away 500rmb in Sherpa's cash to whoever writes our favorite user review each week, but we're gonna keep on doing that. Much love to those who wrote some reviews last week. Now let's see what our contestants came up with...

"I was skeptical at first as I am not a fusion restaurant kind of person; however it turned out to be a lovely surprise." -- Ann-Sophie on Xixi Bistro

"Hot dogs from bikini could never live up to my German standards… However there was this one hot dog from bikini that, despite my sausage-in-bread experience from the homeland of sausages, I appreciated ordering on Sherpas on lazy cold evenings. Those days are over, since this one hot dog was changed and ain't the same." -- MariBa on Bikini

"Very good value for money. Two baos, two sides for RMB 45 and I was full through dinner (which doesn't happen often)" -- Danirlopez on Baoism

"All in all, go if you're tired and don't want to deal with guessing food and pushy wait staff, but don't expect more than mall food!" -- Cyberjustine on Bellagio (IAPM)

"Great place for people who like Metal!" -- Alkrasnov on Inferno

And the winner this week is… Danirlopez. We see you. Check your email for your Sherpa's voucher.

Remember -- we do this every week. If you went somewhere, tell us about it.



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  • 4 years ago bumba_claat

    Yes, but Bellagio's is so much more than Mall Food.

  • 4 years ago duh... Unverified User

    Dani Lopez….wasn't she a former intern at Smartshanghai? smells fishy….

  • 4 years ago Ian L

    @duh...: Indeed she was, over two years ago, but that's neither here nor there -- anyone who wants to write a review is welcome to, unless of course they're writing about their own venue.

  • 4 years ago danirlopez

    Almost 3 years ago now...Long gone are the days of reviewing and approving listings. @Duh you must be a Shanghai veteran!

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