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Empire, D.O.C. Express, Al's Burgers: This Week in Openings and Closings
By Apr 12, 2018 Dining
Well, mostly we've got some closings to report; Empire on the Bund has closed, as has Al's Burgers and D.O.C. Express down in Reel Mall. But we thought we'd balance it out with a handful of new bars too...


Below has opened up in that spot that used to contain Tour/Magnolia Room, both of which went the way of the dodo when barman Mack moved on to Nest. Below, meanwhile, is only softly open on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Emptiness is some new "New York style" cocktail joint on the shambling corpse of Danshui Lu (RIP). It's very white, it's got neon-lit coasters, and all drinks are 88rmb. Meh.

Level Up is this odd little beast that opened up over around Nanjing Dong Lu, built on three pillars; boardgames make for good nights out, 1 liter cocktails, and internet famous pop-art on the walls.


Some Reel Mall foodcourt updates; Al's Burgers has been replaced by something called Bibigo, and D.O.C. Express has a hoarding up around it that reads "蔬事 / BMS Organics." Meanwhile, DODU is doing fine. Guess the office lunch-crowd like rotisserie chicken but not burgers and Italian food.

And finally, in Bund news, ambitious but perhaps predictably doomed New York style-lounge/bar/club/restaurant/"urban cuisine" Empire has shuttered its doors after about 9 months on Shanghai's most expensive(?) stretch of real estate. The Bund: it's where empires go to die. Get it? Because of-- yeah.


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