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Famous Fashion Designer Spends Four Days in Shanghai, Can't Find Chinese Food

By Apr 16, 2019 Dining


Breaking story from Newsweek, bastion of investigative fact-driven journalism, this week: Nicole Miller Goes on a Sisyphean Search for Dim Sum in Shanghai. The legendary fashion designer made it her mission to find dim sum in China's largest city. She was unsuccessful. This delightful little gem of reportage captures Miller's four days in our beautiful city wherein she was unable to find dim sum for lunch, and instead subsisted on a diet of chicken nuggets, quesadillas, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks. Oh, and she had a divine ham-and-cheese sandwich at Baker & Spice. Research? What's that. Cash? Never heard of it. Consulting Shanghai's best English language website for a cursory search? Why would we. So, Nicole — honey — let us make a few suggestions for next time. Lei Garden in IAPM is excellent; even Fuchsia Dunlop thinks so. Imperial Treasure at Rockbund also very good. Royal China is steadfast. Shen Yue Xuan has been going for ages. The Waldorf has a nice one. But, you know, Nicole, those are all hard to find and difficult local places. So I called around, did a little research, and found a lovely little place called Jade, which offers "authentic Cantonese dim sum" at both lunch and dinner. Guess where it is? In your hotel. Welcome! Me me da!



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  • 6 months ago Cashford Unverified User

    Thank you for inserting some sanity and closure to the worst article I’ve ever read! If she opened the internet she would have found those listed above and any number of great food tours in the city. Untour Food Tours even has a dedicated dumpling tour for crying out loud! May no other visitor settle for a taco and cheese sandwich!

  • 6 months ago Heatwolves

    Kinda feel like her article is high-level trolling / low-key PR for Nicole Miller?

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