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F&B Crumbs: New Clubs! New Bars! New Places to Go Broke!

By Dec 7, 2018 Dining


The crumbs of the city's food and beverage gossip, wadded up and put back in the bread basket. Appetizing! These, then are new clubs, with an S, on Donghu Lu (who said it was dead?), some reheated fine-dining restaurants in "old Xuhui" (damn censors) and a Jing'an mall, good old fried fish, more clubbing clubbing clubbing in high-fidelity down in the 158 Pit, a swish-looking sake bar on the Bund proper, heritage Italian brands looking to Shanghai for a new revenue stream, and some events! Clear the table, we're about to serve the news.

Suddenly we've got two new venues on Donghu Lu. King Kong Club is an homage to Monkey Lounge, opening next weekend across the street from where it used to be. Meanwhile, the original is moving into the new Julu 758 complex. Something called 83bands Club, meanwhile, is going in right next to GOD, in the old Monkey space.

Terra, The Magic Place, is headed up by a German guy cooking Italian food expressing the terroir of the northeastern Italian alps. Somehow he got Shanghai'ed (hah!) into the Reel mall, or at least his culinary consulting skills were. It opened last month but we're not in a rush, given the track record of projects like this in our fair city.

Fish'n chips have made their return to the center of Shanghai in the form of Fish+. That comes from the ex-Harry's team for those of you closely tracking the British dining scene in Jing'an.

There's a hoarding up for a new nightclub down in Found 158. A two-story affair, 44KW is supposed to be Top 40s nightclub upstairs, bare-bones underground scene downstairs. That'll probably be opening later this month.

Blanche has gone into a heritage compound on Wukang Lu. Quoth our man in the streets: "seems like an accomplished restaurant for about 1985, a French-meets-Japanese fine dining, with a beef tartare that's served to look like a kaiseki rock garden." Again, opened a while back, but no rush. What was wrong with the city's tartare landscape before, really.

The Oden is a new sake bar on the third floor at 5 on the Bund, from the people behind Kanpai Classic. It looks swish. Kanpai Classic lost a star in the Michelin 2019 handout (and takeaway). Is this where their focus went?

Ai Fiori is the newly-opened sister restaurant to the original Da Ivo in Venice, which is totally unaffiliated with the one in Shanghai, the owner of Da Ivo Venezia was quick to inform us. The original is a historical, celebrity-endorsed warhorse of Venice. George Clooney loves it. Why expand to Shanghai? Why not!

Some Events? Why Not!

BottlesXO is doing their Christmas cocktail bash this weekend at Stone Brewing, which is free entrance, and includes "boozy pumpkin spice lattes and spiked mulled wine." How does one spike mulled wine?

Boxing Cat is holding their 10 (!!) Year Anniversary this weekend at their Sinan Mansions location. God so much has happened in ten years. From Gary Heyne to the recent gender change at Yongfu Lu BCB (WHERE ARE THE NACHOS KELLEY, WHERE ARE THE NACHOS). But still, Wansui, Boxing Cat! Wansui.


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