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F&B Crumbs: The "What's Been Taking Them So Long" Edition
By Sep 18, 2018 Dining
Sometimes the city just has these little bits and pieces of news from the F&B world that you want to know but don’t belong anywhere. They are F&B crumbs. We’ve cleared the table and wadded them up for you. This week, it's mostly a bunch of places that have been forever in the making; Nanxiang Mantou, SUPERHUMAN, Sunflour on Anfu and Pierogi Ladies.


Nanxiang Mantou, the home for soup dumplings, has been undergoing a massive renovation for roughly an eternity. Many months. Why so long? The renovations are apparently massive and profound, and considering how old it is, they're welcome to take as long as they need. But it's finally, finally opening during Golden Week. The scuttlebutt is that the the new group chef is the former Executive Chef of Yongfoo Elite, which won two Michelin Stars under his guidance. Exciting.

Possibly even longer in the coming is SUPERHUMAN from celebrity chef Daphne Cheng, renowned for being exceedingly vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Originally, her plan was to open two spots where Stone Brewing currently stands but things, as they do, went awry. She's instead opening her new spot in Xintiandi in the second week of October.

Pierogi Ladies, the city's only specialist pierogi shop, has had a troubled history with venues, but they've finally gotten their own street-front shop. They're opening this weekend, with a greater focus on booze. Hurrah!

The Sunflour on Anfu Lu has also been closed for ages. They've just about finished their renovations and will be reopening any day now, restoring the dueling bakery dynamic of that street.

We just found out friendly neighborhood cafe Coffee In closed down in late July (though Cake Home remains open).


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