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First Bite: Bad Boy Bangers, 'Cause It's Bad Boy For Life
By Nov 13, 2015 Dining
On Yongjia Lu, next to the shop selling fake gold for dead people, an uncle in his bike repair shop picks up a KTV microphone and, eyes-closed, croons some backup vocals over old Chinese songs blasting from the stereo. Two doors down, a math-teacher from East London who recently played Hamlet in a Shanghai production is serving homemade sausages, full English breakfasts, and -- most notably -- sausage rolls. It is rainy, and dreary, and 12:30pm, and the men seated next to the tables at Bad Boy Bangers are crushing Reeb Beers and chain smoking.

This setting is exactly how you want to experience British food.

Bad Boy started in 2012 as a delivery / market operation, and now supplies fellow UK restaurants Mr. Harry and Pie Society. You can still grab sausages to go, in flavorways like Sichuan pepper, but for now, the in-store experience only offers chorizo, pork, or chicken-duck. The pork ones are juicy like Notorious B.I.G.'s debut single on Bad Boy Records; the chicken-duck are not. Even the transfusion of fatty duck couldn't save that pale chicken. In the Cheese & Quackers "sausage in bun", tomato sauce drowned the already weak banger, but all is not lost.

[…'Cause it's Bad Boy for life.]

Where Bad Boy's sausage really just runs this neighborhood is in their sausage roll. That shit is whoa. Flakey, and so much flavor that I asked owner Deji if he used different sausage for these than the bangers and mash. Nope, though there's probably more going on in there. The only issue is they don't make enough of these. By 12:30pm, they're gone.

As for other fare, the bangers and mash come with broccoli and dolloped with gravy and onions. So comforting. Bit of dill in the potatoes, nice touch. This is where you want to be on a rainy day, maybe with Burial (or 112) playing on the stereo.

In possible nods to healthiness (but also in avoidance of smoke; the inside only seats five people) sausages get cooked sous-vide style for 45 minutes, not fried-up like usual; broccoli and bacon are grilled in something resembling a George Foreman cooker. People always argue about "proper bacon", but for what it's worth, some picky Brits I know rave about the bacon here. As for the "Full English", it's certainly better than Perry's, but Mr. Harry's has better ingredients and more delicate presentation. Oddly though, for sausage and potatoes, it's not that filling -- we hit the sub of the day on the way back to the office on both visits.

So, no infusions, no nitrogen, no molecular wizardry -- just simple, comforting British food, same as it ever was. That's good enough alone, but when mixed with some chat with Deji (chill dude), the fairly priced beer, this street's characters, and a strong cup of Builder's Tea, it's a place worth returning to, innit -- especially as winter sets in.

Open Wed-Sun from 10.30am-5pm (hours expanding soon). Sausages and sandwiches from 28rmb; meals from 58rmb; drinks from 16rmb.

Note: For a more British perspective on this place, check this fine, fine user review.


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  • 3 years ago phreaktion

    I thought the chicken sausage is juicy and quite tasty actually!

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