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360rmb Gold Flake Crab Noodle Restaurant Opens on The Bund Because of Divine Provenance
By Apr 27, 2017 Dining
Daoism has never been the type of religion to have missionaries. It’s expanded naturally and passively. But Xu Jing, the High Crab Priest of the divine noodle sect, has always seemed to be a little bit of an exception. His strand of religion has room – nays, builds rooms for – the rich and successful, who, let’s be honest, make up the majority of people who worship a 360rmb bowl of noodles that uses twelve crabs per bowl and then adds gold flake because… just because.


Gates to salvation – only the penitent man shall pass.

So it’s not out of line that The Crab Priest has taken his mission to The Bund. A sign with his made up English name, "Cejerdary", hangs on the building next to Three on the Bund.

A stoic-chic environment in which to contemplate the ineffable through the rubric of the most expensive bowl of noodles in Shanghai.

Inside it’s a positively serene scene of natural wood decor and service staff in cultish robes, disciples of enlightenment through commercial excess. There are two crab noodle options available, both expensive and both delicious. The last time I talked to Xu Jing, he told me his strategy was spreading his message of material disengagement through the rich and famous, a riddle I’ve yet to understand. With this new store, he moves ever closer.


Read about Xu Jing and his pricey bowl of noodles right here.

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