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How is this the #1 Restaurant on Trip Advisor? Oh, and the 500rmb Sherpa's Winner
By Apr 26, 2016 Dining
Hello again, friends. As you know, every Monday (ish) we give away 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery to whoever wrote our favorite restaurant review during the previous week. Let's get into it.

"It'd be worth getting fat for." -- Anotherblondeinshanghai on Efes, a Turkish restaurant by the Shangcheng Lu station on Line 9. There's a good arcade around there too.

Now, Efes is solid, but here's what I don't understand - according to Trip Advisor, Efes is "The #1 Restaurant in Shanghai", out of 13,071 places they have listed.


And more importantly, what is the worst restaurant on Trip Advisor? Well, it's something called "Morning coffee", which is at "Long Wu Road 118, HaHa Ku BeiLa QinZi Shopping Mall." Never heard of it, but it sounds like an alright place.

Who is "The Trip Advisor?"

For cross-reference, the number one Shanghai restaurant on Dianping right now is 牛很鲜潮汕牛肉火锅, a Chaozhou-style hotpot place in Jing'an.

Anyway, Efes. They do some good grilled meats, but it's clearly not the number one restaurant in Shanghai, because that coveted spot is already taken by The Burger King At The Train Station, according to Morgan S.

The Burger King At The Shanghai Train Station

Christopher St Cavish disagrees. He says the number one restaurant in Shanghai is the Burger King in Terminal 2 of Pudong airport.


Moving on. Over in Puxi, the battle for Tepito vs. Chicken & Egg continues. Every week, man. This shit is like Hatfields and the McCoys.

"All-in-all, when two roads diverged a few days later, we took the one we hadn't been burned by, and their neighbor made up all the difference." -- Foodforthought on Tepito

Word. Whatever, man. If you lived in Chaoshan, you'd have ZERO Mexican food to even complain about. People are happy just to get a tortilla over there. Shanghai, so spoiled. There is real shit happening in the world and the hottest topics of discussion are Joel Robuchon and these two Western restaurants on a corner in Shanghai.


"98 RMB for all-you-can-eat dim sum with a drink? Dubious, but we were curious… I would say go only if you have out-of-town guests for whom anything served in bamboo steamer baskets is enough of an exotic thrill, and cleanliness and nice ambiance (no clearing of throats heard) trumps quality." -- frtosh on Lynn


Let's end on some positive vibes, with sal_hawk just really showing love for this place Pint House on Dagu Lu. This review is almost as long as Infinite Jest but here are some excerpts:

"Dagu lu’s essentially a Darwinian jungle of cuisine, where only the fittest survive, and the weak are rooted out, giving way to new contenders. It creates legends like Masala Desi, New Zealand, or the Bulgarian joint. It also lays waste to the poorly conceived, like Fanny Face (RIP), Y Lounge (RIP), that Mexican place where Bulgarian is now (RIP), or any of the hundreds of Japanese spots that have come in gone (may you all Rest in Peace)."

"Upon rolling through with my wife n kid, the owner hooked my kid up with two free pancakes, indulged our lame parent requests of “no sugar or salt”, and offered him a glass of free milk. He then explained all their different hotdogs, in response to all our ridiculous see-sawing of “ummm is that one gonna be too big”? “Would that be enough for two people”? “Do you guys have a hotdog with less meat”? We fucking asked those questions, and he handled all of them…well."

"We did order one hotdog, it came out in like 5 minutes, and it was delicious."

"Oh, and then the owner, upon realizing the difficulties of having a kid, was like “if you’re ever stressed out, come past, and I’ll grab you a pint”. Respect"

"Lick a shot for Pint House. Burrrrrrappppp!!!!!!!!!!"



Everybody with the name Sal_Hawk that is. Remember -- we do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about it.


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