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Introducing: SmartReviews! Our Crack Team of Diners Have Been Scouring the City
By Oct 25, 2018 Dining
A short while back, SmartShanghai put out a call for diners to eat, write about it for us, and get paid. We received close to a hundred responses from people all across the city, and whittled it down to just over a dozen, from a charming English gentleman who has been living in this city since 1989 to a foreign diplomat to a young woman who grew up on Hainan and just moved to Shanghai. It's a mixed-bunch, and that's exactly how we want it. Their reviews have been coming in quietly since last month. Now it's official. SmartReviews has launched. So what has our team been up to?

Since we quietly introduced the new and improved user reviews feature, our SmartReviews team has submitted almost 70 reviews, from a bath house in Putuo where you can lay out on the roof and look at the stars with a cold beer in hand, to yakiniku in Zhongshan Park and tons more. Where else have we been? A Taiwanese craft beer house in downtown Jing'an; that Sichuan restaurant on Wulumuqi Lu that people have been talking about recently; some of the best upscale Sichuan food in the city, not on Wulumuqi Lu; a fancy cocktail bar's aperitivo; a Taiwanese reminder of home near IAPM; the best Polish pierogi shop in all of Jing'an district; a new recommendation for Korean BBQ out in Korea Town; and a local take on Green & Safe in the Raffles City Changning. And more, more, more!

Want to join the team? I bet you do. They are earning money for this, and having a good time. But the door is closed on applications until 2019, when we'll be searching for a few good eaters to join our ranks. Keep those food superpowers in good shape until then and check back to see where else we'll be.

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