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Moka Bros Opens, As Does A Bunch of Mall Stuff, Arcade Closes Tomorrow, and Way More Nonsense in F&B Land
God, right before the holidays, too. Myst is opened again, Molokai, Paulaner and Charlie's open new venues in malls, Arcade's finally throwing in the towel tomorrow, Z&B Fitness is opening a cafe, and Australian beef's really going overboard trying to get out ahead of the inevitable influx of American beef now the import ban is lifted. So much F&BS this week.


Now Open

Hitachino Mansion, Beer Plus, Coffee In. They're open. Check out what we think here.

Beijing invasion Moka Bros has opened up their first Shanghai local in Kwah Center, still slinging as, and we're quoting ourselves here, "self-congratulatory health-conscious, fresh ingredients thing -- empowerment through self-satisfied well-being." Those insufferable northerners.

New mozzarella bar Allora Latteria has opened up in Fengsheng Li, that spot on Maoming Bei Lu that some are calling American Broadwalk because Hard Rock, White Castle and Taco Bell have already pigeonholed that whole stretch.


Myst reopened last weekend after that epic street brawl. If you haven't seen the videos, ask around, I'm sure someone's favorited it. It's worth a look.

Pretty decent bakery franchise Bread Etc. had their grand opening on Nanjing Xi Lu.

In mall news, Cantonese eatery Molokai has opened it's newest spot in Taikoo Hui. Mall stuff!


Further mall stuff; Charlie wasn't joking about that "we're going to open a million new places befrore 2018." They've just opened Charlie's in Super Brand Mall. Similar menu, so burgers, shakes, y'know. Now in Pudong!

Fiurtherest mall news; Paulaner opened their new 600-person Bavarian beer hall in Raffles City Changning. Just in time for Oktoberfest!

On Jiaozhou Lu, Pierogi Ladies has taken over what used to be That One Place, turning it into the homebase for their Polish home-style food delivery and catering. They still serve beer, though, so I guess you can still go hang out.


As mentioned, That One Place. It lived. It died. It lived again. And then it died.

Jalapeno's days are numbered, but it'll be coming back in some form or another as the whole space is being turned into Bordertown, an upstairs-downstairs split between Bubba's-style BBQ and the fancy-ish Mexican fare.

Don't know when this happened, but a solid stretch of Shaanxi Nan Lu's been bricked up. Nothing really of that much import there, Yi Ge Hotpot, maybe? But this is a long wire and I need to break this up with images, so here;


Arcade is closing September 30. That's tomorrow. Landlord issues. Game over man.

Speaking of clubs, Celia is closed for the near future. Possibly longer. If you know why, you know why. Illicit substances, m'kay?

Finally, My Butchery has shut on Wulumuqi Zhong Lu after trouble with the landlord. Not even time for a closing party. Sad.

The Word Around Town

Fan-favorite (what a nonsense term, of course it'd be a "favorite" of "fans", but what I meant is people like it) gym Z&B Fitness is opening up a cafe concept on Changle Lu. They're currently hiring staff, and someone to "be the face of it." That's the way a gym-membership haver described it. "The face" of Z&B Fitness's Changle Lu cafe.


Le Comptoir's in-house bakery and pastry-shop La Boulangerie et Patisserie (translated: the bakery and pastry-shop) is opening up on October 10, doing home-made breads and cakes.

Long-running pie project Pie Society is opening up a flagship store on the corner of Shaanxi Bei Lu and Wuding Lu.

Jamie Oliver, who's hot shit somewhere in the world, will be opening up an Italian spot in Taikoo Hui as well, called Jamie's Italian. Wonder if he'll be here for the opening. Maybe just send Gordon Ramsay with his passport and see if the border guys can tell the difference? That'd be a hell of a surprise.

Aaaand Daimon Bistro has sent out a cryptic message implying they'll be doing something new. New concept. New interior. "Enhance Total Dining Experience." It's total. It's enhanced. It's... I have no idea what it is. Stay tuned.


Menus, Deals, Parties, Whatever

Yeah, I'm adding a new category. Subheaders: I hear they're good for SEO.

Cafe Del Volcan's celebrating International Coffee Day (which is a thing, as is everything) by offering a free coffee drink with every purchase of a bag of their coffee beans at their Yongkang Lu location, which makes sense, because the other location as located in The Outlands. Offer valid all through October.

Just in time for the raising of a 14-year ban on US beef imports, Australian beef is going "hah, naw." So Tourism Australia and mr willis launched this thing;


That's a passport for Australian beef. Visit any of the nine restaurants involved (any of the BANG by mr willis, Pelikan, Sushi Raku, Henkes, mr willis, Amokka Cafe, Mi Thai, La Strada Pizzeria), between Oct 1 - Oct 31 and ask for a passport. Any time you order a beef dish, you'll get a chop. Collect anything between 3 and 9 different chops, and you'll get rewards, like a brunch dish at BANG (3 chops), or three 500rmb vouchers valid at the venues (9 chops).

This is not how we're going to resolve the beef dividing modern society.

And yeah, that's it. Finally done. Have a good one, Shanghai. Enjoy your brief respite.


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    SEO = very internet, much important. BEEF.

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