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More Closures in Luwan: Munchies, Beer Bear, Encore

By Apr 19, 2016 Dining


Damn, really getting sick of writing these closure reports. It's really been a year for F&B upheavals in this city.

One of the last decent bars on Danshui Lu, Beer Bear, has now gone quietly into the night. I drank the bar's last beer there on Sunday night with the owner who said the place only had a laundry shop license, which compelled its demise. He's trying to find a new spot, but with all the closures in town, demand is high with people shuffling around and so are the rents. Beer Bear in the mall? No way, man. Also gone on Danshui Lu is cocktail bar Encore, which had a great little courtyard. So, now, the once-promising bar street known as Danshui Lu is basically just Mr. Shaker (the oldest bar there), Luccio's, Bites and Bottle-O, The Beer Shelf, and a gentleman I'll refer to as The Lord of The Street Cats, who I'm convinced is an angel. Also, the niu rou mian joint and a few other little shops are still open.

A bit further south in Luwan, Munchie's on Shunchang Lu also shuttered on Sunday.


SmartShanghai spoke with co-owner Jason Jones, who said in an email that:

"Unfortunately we were forced to close our Shunchang location this Sunday after a two-week notice from our landlord. Apparently the whole block will be vacated and torn down in the near future. I tried to extend time, hopefully finding a solution but in the end, two weeks is all we had, even though still under contract. I got many messages on my WeChat today, first day of closure asking what was happening. Two weeks wasn't enough time for us to say our goodbyes and share our thanks and appreciation to our loyal customers and friends that I have seen over the years constantly showing support for our business."

Luckily, Munchies Jing'an is still open.

Pour out a lil' liquor for all these fine Shanghai establishments that were. Rest in peace.


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