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Munchies IS the Best, Celebrating Bestness, Offering 2-4-1 Deal
By Aug 9, 2017 Dining
The greatest part about traveling to new and interesting countries and cultures is like… experiencing new and interesting cultures and countries! It’s… the best. One of my own personal best pleasures in moving to Shanghai and experiencing this exciting new culture and country, 7 years ago, was experiencing Munchies — delivery — and watching all the available Fast and Furious movies at the time. Which was only four. If you can even believe it! Which to my estimation was a pretty cultural thing. It’s been a journey. A fast and furious one. (Not so fast and wondering if I should go back and try to get into law school furious one.) So…


(Only FOUR Fast and Furiousesess… were we ever so young?)

What I’m trying to say is that Munchies, Shanghai’s second greatest restaurant besides the Burger King in the train station, is celebrating their 9th anniversary. Munchies. Like. Munchies. And you’d be a FOOL not to take part in this glorious deal they’re offering: “August 7 to August 10: Buy one get one free burgers. Buy one get one free beers.”

Anything more to say? Basically, I’m on vacation in Europe right now but SmartShanghai got me to write this notification about the Munchies anniversary because at one time I was so into their hamburgers I ordered two: one to eat in my mouth and one to rub all over my naked hairy chest while I watched Nicolas Cage movies. I… like to experience new and interesting countries and cultures.

So here we are! Luv u Munchies! Luv you choco-peanut butter shake! Wish there was still DVD stores like there was back then because I still don’t know how to “torrent” shit!

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  • 11 months ago jacobflowers

    I watch all my movies via torrent. But that is a task to be outsourced, so I make someone else do it for me.

    Also, BBQ Bacon Burger at Munchies. Extra BBQ sauce. Extra pickles. √

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