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The circle of life churns at a frantic, untenable pace for venues in Shanghai. Follow our equally desperate attempt to keep up. See More

New Closures: T8, Roof 325, Blondes, La Bistronomie, and (Hopefully Not) Anadolu

By Jun 27, 2016 Dining


A few new entries to our Closed Venues list. Circle of life, Shanghai. Circle of life.

The big news this week is this: T8 is shuttering their Xintiandi location after a decade and a half in business. Fifteen years in the Shanghai F&B game is impressive, especially in Xintiandi. Hats off to the "molecular fusion" restaurant for lasting that long in the touristy hive. Management states they'll close on July 15 then move to… a mall, also near Xintiandi, in October. For more on T8, check our Revisited article from 2012. If you'd like to dine one last time in the environs before July 15, take note of this -- their signature dish, the Tomahawk steak, is a couple hundred kuai cheaper.

More obituary notices after the jump...


Also closed in Xintiandi, a somewhat tawdry cafe called Blondes that was never busy. Only mentioning it because they forced out the excellent Juice Brewery last year. Now they're closed, and a prime location on the corner of Fuxing and Madang seems available.

We hear there's soon to be a dearth of "molecular fusion" restaurants in the area...

Down in Fuxing SOHO, across from Reel To Reel, the lights are off at Turkish restaurant Anadolu, another Shanghai classic. According to the owner, that's due to a dispute with the landlord. Really hoping they re-open in July. Where else in town can you get hummus and kebabs until 2am? Before the move to SOHO in 2015, they served up late-night food to Hengshan Lu ragers for over a decade.

Anadolu and T8 -- paging my 2007 dog-earned copy of Lonely Planet Shanghai.

Over in People's Park, Roof 325 -- the place that replaced Kathleen's 5 in 2015 -- is also closed. The restaurant's marketing team says that's because of city renovation projects. Sounds like someone somewhere on-high reclaimed some prime piece of property for some reason as yet unrevealed.

In Jing'an, La Bistronomie is now Ruijin Cajun, who are in soft opening. You may remember the Louisiana-style heart attack food outlet from their shared spot at Kangaroo Bar on Yongjia Lu and numerous pop-ups around town. Also of note about this new Ruijin Cajin is that the Shanghai Comedy Club is also going to be using the venue for their own shows, in addition to their recent re-opening in Jalapeño. Good news for comedy fans and performers; that's one more stage for you in Shanghai.

F&B Heaven is a floating mall, connected by subway lines.



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