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New Funkadeli, New Beer Plus, New Pain Chaud and New Just Cool, Plus, Y'know, More
Newsflash! Funkadeli is opening a new spot and are hiring staff. Big news for a certain segment of Shanghai's expat population. Meanwhile, we've got that nagging feeling in our left-back molar that means F&B concepts are fomenting. A new Pain Chaud; Second Moment changes its concept after a year; Beer Plus 2 is incoming; and Just Cool relocated in a flurry of suspicions it had been shut down. Plus, Chop Chop Club turns 1! That's nice.


Now Open

Erstwhile neighborhood beer bar Just Cool has moved to an underground venue pretty much right where it was before. Just below. It's bigger, it's a little cleaner, for now, and by all accounts, the pizza's still pretty good for the price.

The old Just Cool shop front.

In other openings, we've got Donna Jannie, a preppy-looking 'Brazilian style' coffeeshop doing pao de queijo, empada and other homestyle dishes.

Casualty List

Ramen Shop has shuttered its doors, and turned into something else. It appears to be called H T O, which, despite having a somewhat awkward name, and the dishes are distinctly less Japanese, more a mix of omelettes, curry rice and a couple pasta dishes.

Ramen shop no longer

The Word Around Town

Hoarding for a new Pain Chaud, the bakery chain from the Cafes Des Stagiaires, was spotted on the corner of Jianguo and Jiashan Lu.

Second Moment, the low-profile cocktail place on Wuyuan Lu, has decided it was done with its old Prohibition-era drinks menu, and has gone full-on comic book shop. The menu is now packed with bold, almost cartoonish drinks like the "Hulk," "Thor," and "Iron Man." The Iron Man has gold flakes in it. Yeah.

Beer Plus 2 will be opening in Gubei at the end of this month. Following on the formula of the original on Changshou Lu, this one'll also include a "D.I.Y. beer brewery system"? More beermarts!

Funkadeli on Fumin

And, biggest piece of news for last, we've got a brand new Funkadeli going into the Jing'an area, in that hot hot hot Wuding Lu vicinity, in the near future. They're hiring staff, so if you desperately need a side-gig to support your crippling Pocky addiction/career as a journalist, you can contact them at for a chance to bus tables or mix drinks.

The Happening

Specters realized no one's buying this "soft opening" horseshit any longer and are throwing a grand opening party. Expect; exactly the same, except this time for real, and more motorcycles. The Grand Opening Shitshow is this Saturday, with "tons of shots flying around, surprise guest DJs, prizes, confetti, hugs, life lessons, the chance to see what sort of suit Gil owns," and a dedicated vom bucket because Specters is the sort of place where that's necessary.

Next Wednesday, Tailor Bar is also having its grand opening, after a couple months operating out of the lobby of the hotel it moved to. Same quality, not quite the same view, but a worthwhile third gem in the Eddy Yang crown.

Paul Pairet's Chop Chop Club turns one year old today, which is a tremendous feat in Shanghai these days. They're flagrantly tempting fate by holding a party tonight. We liked it when it opened! Congrats to the team there. We hope you're still here 12 months from now.


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