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Restaurant Review Of The Week And 500rmb Sherpa's Voucher
By Aug 25, 2015 Dining
Whole lotta reviews last week. So many that it took us a minute to dig through everything and sort out the plants. Hats off to everyone who contributed.

Starting with warm feelings, Peteton likes Fortune Cookie and isn't afraid to admit it. Also a fan of Co. Cheese Melt Bar, the Peteton. DCSH digs Mr Pancake House on Wuding . They know it's not the Ritz, but "it’s a good American breakfast deal and they open at 8am". Well put. How bout some Commune Social? No ratio Nelson, who dropped three reviews last week, says "this place has soul… If you want beige carpets and a bloke with an inexplicable Swiss accent serving you in an ambassador's sash, whilst surrounded by nouveau riche locals tapping into smartphones, go to Mortons." And jc.bouchaud says Xixi Bistro is "the best compromise".

Moving on down to the bad neighborhood…

pmakmi laid down a straight up dissertation about why, in her opinion, Boom Boom Bagels really used to be much better. "Recently they got rid of their happy hour on beers that actually have any flavour, and instead introduced 2 Asahis for 30rmb. Asahi: The Bud Light of Shanghai." Now, that's not entirely accurate. Asahi is still better than Bud Light, and SNOW, Reeb, or Skoal would be the Bud Light of Chinese beers. Still a rad review. ambarina says Liquid Laundry was kinda lukewarm : "even when drinks were being pushed onto us a bit (like RUSH TO DRINK YOU BEER AND ORDER ANOTHER ONE) the service was sort of lacking; we tried to order food a few times but even when the restaurant was half empty and there was a lot of people available, they somehow avoided our table." And S.Steve just had a real bad time at Glass House

And the winner is…No Ratio Nelson. Dude obviously spent a while writing his reviews. Pedantic? Perhaps, but not without dedication. He described a cod sperm as such: "Look. Imagine a fly blown sheep with gingivitis had been licking an ashtray full of chum and then puked in your mouth, much much worse than that". Speaking on The Public, he said: "I've taken a supermodel, a homicide detective, my 73 year old maiden aunt, the CEO of a major global investment bank, a superchef and a very discerning 8 year old, not at the same time I hasten to add, and they all loved it."

Remember, we do this every week...

How to write a restaurant review: Two ways. Scroll down to the User Reviews section on this page and click the button "Write a Review". Alternatively, you can search out the venue you'd like to review in the search bar at the top of this page and at the right-hand column of the venue listing, the option is there as well.


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  • 4 years ago Soulfire

    Now I'm gonna go all the way: Boom Boom may serve the most totally satisfying, perfectly designed and executed bagel sandwich I've ever had across any market or continent, Chicago, NY, and Tel Aviv included.
    You have now...entered my rarefied inner dreamstate and mouth-loved my very soul. Oops.
    T'was the glorious delicately pulled chicken with overflowing house batch wasabi mayo, perfectly briny pickle, gently pushing against feminine patches of bibb lettuce and radish slivers barely containted by a perfectly confident, manly toasted salted bagel.
    You trusted me to love you, and in gave me you, all of you. And I devoured you, completely.
    No That's not erotic fiction, but sensual culinary function at its most animalistic base. With you sweet BB...I saw God.
    Too much sweet love for a mere bagel you say? So why am I thisclose to inking a BB tat on my lower back for all of eternity? Why.

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