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Review Of The Week, User Reviews Now Open To Bars & Clubs

By Nov 24, 2015 Dining


Review of the week coming in a bit late, as our team of super-nerds have been coding hard in the user reviews section. We've now opened that up to restaurants AND bars and clubs. So if you went somewhere with picturesque views but watery drinks and Mambo No. 5 and Pitbull blasting on the stereo, tell us about it.

We also added a few categories, for drinks, how suitable a place is for families, and the atmosphere, which which includes decor, music, and vibe. Just remember to keep it real: "A pattern of false reviews for a certain venue will result in the venue's blacklisting."

Ok, review of the week after the jump.

Big thanks to everyone who wrote in -- we got a lot of reviews last week.

Shanghai.calling checked out Baoism but left with mixed feelings: "Black Pepper Tofu bao was a little cold and missed the mark. However, the Hong Shao Carnitas was pretty good."

roblewis hit up Mr Harry for a birthday dinner: "This is the most authentic fish and chips I've had outside of the UK, Its British fish and Chips, Its what I wanted and hat I got! Nice one Bruv! We tried the steak too. My mum told me if I don't have anything nice to say I shouldn't say anything at all."

Two reviews of Al's Diner came in last week. User Peekay questions how "diner" the place really is: "The taste was alright for what you can get in Shanghai – just do not go here if you are expecting neon lights, red booths, and food that reminds you of home." (agreed if they're gonna call it a diner, they need to get some brewed coffee in there). crack_a_lackin' feels differently: "Crisp and clean decor, without relying on tired american diner cliches, makes this space really work for me. Its cosy, but when its packed out, like it was for brunch on Sunday, its a great space to be in."

Speaking of breakfast, Calatrava brushed off Egg as "No big deal". "I'd heard this place is overpriced, yet I was still a bit shocked by how flagrant it is. Perhaps the owner should scale back the staff--does such a small place with a limited menu really need nearly a dozen employees?"

User Rks wrote a rap verse about Ramen Samurai Ryu:

"Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank God,
I don't know but today seems kinda odd,
No barkin from the dog, no smog,
And I'm craving a breakfast with lots of hog,
I got my umbrella, keys and went out,
Headed for Raman Samurai Ryu to pig out,
(Whassup?) ordered the Japanese assorted pickles do'…."

Finally, DCSH wrote about the 24-Hour Burger King in Jing'an, giving it four stars because, "Minus one point for having a mediocre toilet that does not meet the high-standards of the king."

Dude, that's like the only 24-hour toilet that's open in Jing'an. Where you gonna go, The Ritz?? Have you ever even gotten busy in a Burger King bathroom?


Our winner this week is Rks. Not only did they write that Ice Cube inspired verse about the ramen shop, they also penned a Miyazaki-inspired review of a sushi restaurant and talked up a whiskey spot. Congrats, and thanks again to everyone else who wrote in.



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