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[Restaurant Review Of The Week]

500rmb Sherpa's Voucher Winner: "Seriously, we are not in 1920s Shanghai, with lackeys running around serving you food."

By Apr 11, 2016 Dining


The Panama Papers, North Korea drama, Kerry in Japan – talk about a bore! Let's get into the real news, a.k.a. "people who ate or drank somewhere in Shanghai and told us about it." Someone gets 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery cash, but everyone wins...


First up, the dim sum place Royal Garden inside Zhongshan Park that we featured in our March Brunch list. Turns out people actually read these.

"Well… after you spend 20 minutes searching for it you will definately have some nice dim sum...All the dishes were fresh and tasty. nothing super amazing but still worth the very reasonable price. Waitresses were not really busy but still always pissed when i had to call them over to order a dessert(i can recommend the huge white pastry dumplings with the picture one the menu called Snow Mountain dumplings) and she even rolled her eyes at me when i asked for the bill... Bill came out to 164 for two. If its good weather and you have nothing else to do go to Zhongshan park and have some Dim Sum ;)"

Bones [on Royal Garden]"


"Friend's friend's cafe. Will attempt to write a review as unbiased as possible… Coffee is indeed good, take a deep breath on the bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and you will know why. Together with quality milk and a decent machine, can't really go wrong. Latte art and consistency to be improved (granted it's only 3 weeks old).If in XinTianDi, this is probably one of those 3rd wave coffee places to go to. My 2 cents."

- abcgoo on Hongdae Bear (props for the disclaimer!)


In the continuing saga of "Is Tepito better than Cantina Agave?", long-time reviewer crack_a_lackin' weighed in:

"I liked Tepito. The food was really much better quality than the old Cantina, you can tell the ingredients are better and cooked thoughtfully - rather than the hurried Taco Bell style of food before. I think they are going more for the food and drinks offering, rather than the old 'get wasted on the booze with some cheap snacks to chuck down your gullet'." - crack_a_lackin' on Tepito.


"When you want to celebrate something, when you want to drop your kuai, what do you do? You go to Franck. You get dressed up and you take your wife and you don't think about the price, you think about the fact you are getting Paris quality food and Europe quality wine selection. I dropped around 1,600RMB and 700 of that was the wine and it was amazing. It's what you save your ducats for. It's why you decline that last drink for a few weeks beforehand so you can invest in a bottle of wine that says "I'm worth it".Octave Living on Franck


"We went on a Sunday morning, prime time. The food was ok without being thrilling - the Americano however tasted like old coffee in an office environment. The staff laughed my - mildly, friendly presented comment off." – usgringo on Al's Diner

[Ed's Note]: I love Al's, I really do, but a restaurant proclaiming to be a diner should probably have brewed coffee, ideally bottomless. Also, there is an unrelated Al's Diner in Lan Kwai Fong.


Finally, a beautifully concise review of Hongqiao kwwaaaaazy kids castle The Mansion. User "sddab" really summed it up. We'd give you the prize but... Mansion kids don't really need to eat?

"the place where my heart is"sddab on The Mansion


And the winner is...Octave Living. It's nice to have some good vibes sometimes, especially when a place is consistently good for so many years. Look out for that prize money in your inbox.

Remember, we do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about your experience and you could win 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery.



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