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Inadventurous Times at HK Plaza's New Cartoon Network Cafe
By Aug 16, 2016 Dining
C'mon grab your friends, we're going to the Hong Kong Plaza, where the Adventure Time-themed CN Cafe (Cartoon Network Cafe) has taken over the third floor overpass connecting the north and south buildings of the mall. It's got statues of characters from Adventure Time, a small gift stand with Jake dolls, hats and other merchandise, and an assortment of food, drinks, and desserts.

C'mon, let's find out if it's any good.


Items on the menu range from pesto chicken sandwiches to shrimp fried rice. So you aren't going to get Princess Bubblegum-flavored ice cream or Cinnamon Bun cinnamon buns or Ice King shaved ice or Lemongrab lemon bars... I can keep going but you get the picture.

The 42rmb chicken salad and the 58rmb fruit waffles and ice cream were fine, but you can find fare like this at any cafe around town. Like half the characters of the series are named after food; it really feels like they missed an opportunity here.

CN Cafe -- the experience is basically like receiving white socks in an extravagantly wrapped and packaged gift box. Sure, the wrapping and the ribbons all look very nice, but in the end, it's just white socks.

The decorations will change seasonally, and next time the cafe will feature another of Cartoon Network's properties. They plan to open several more CN Cafes around the city, but it seems so far the fun ends pretty quickly.


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