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[Tested]: Cantina Agave's Unlimited Taco Tuesday

By Sep 3, 2019 Dining


You know that bit in the Simpsons where Bart sees a sign that reads "100 tacos for 100usd" and he's like "boy I sure could go for 100 tacos right about now"? Classic. Relatable. Timeless. Anyway. Xuhui's most popular Mexican eatery Cantina Agave does an all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday for 100rmb (that's a measly 14 usd during a trade war!) and we went to see if we could fit in a cool hunnid.


The deal works thusly: you pay 100rmb. You get a wristband. At regular (in theory) intervals, a large platter of various soft shell tacos is brought around. You pick out the taco(s) you want. You eat the tacos. Then you wait until the plate comes around again. Simple.

Cantina Agave Shanghai

It starts at 5.30pm and goes until 10pm. Four and a half hours is 270 minutes, so that means to hit one hundred tacos, you'd have to eat one taco every 2 minutes and 42 seconds. Easy.

Unfortunately, the average wait-time between plates was 22 minutes and 59 seconds when I went. I had a stop watch and everything. During my first visit, and not wanting to be that asshole who hogs the buffet, I took one taco at a time. At that rate, it would've taken me 1 day, 14 hours, 18 minutes and 20 seconds to eat 100 tacos. Consequently...

Tip 1: Take More Than One Taco At A Time

Two is very reasonable. Three is the maximum common decency could allow. Four is really pushing. Five is grounds for mob justice.

Cantina Agave Shanghai

Tip 2: Sit Indoors

Closer to the kitchen means you're more likely to get early pickings at the plate. The staff are generally good about switching up their route, but closer to the kitchen means it's easier to detect when the plate's about ready, and really warm up those puppy eyes.

Tip 3: Come Early

Obviously. Seats fill up fast. Plus, you're more likely to get away with grabbing four tacos at a time when there're only two or three tables involved.

Cantina Agave Shanghai

Worth It?

"Unlimited Tacos" obviously has a limit: the kitchen staff's endurance, cranking these babies out by the literal score, and the frequency of plate rounds. Gird yourself with a little patience and yeah, financially, it's definitely worth it. Two Three soft shell tacos normally go for 70rmb 50rmb at Cantina, so stick around for three at least six and you're already in the green. [Ed's Note: I whoops'd the menu prices.]

Assuming serving times hold at 22 minutes and 59 seconds, and assuming you're a good citizen who takes no more than two each time, you'd manage 24.6 tacos. Grab three and it'd only take you three weeks to eat 100 tacos! And good tacos, to boot.

Downside? You'd have spent more than twelve hours of evenings on the corner of Fumin Lu and Donghu Lu.


Cantina Agave is at 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu. For more fiscally responsible deals and offerings, check out our deals page.



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  • 4 months ago Unverified User

    I ❤️ Cantina. Great food, great people, always a great time.

  • 4 months ago mlemieux

    uh No, I hate to be THAT guy, but despite your much appreciated accuracy on measuring serving time, the financials are screwy. Soft shell tacos at Cantina (at least as of a few weeks ago) are 20 for 1 and 50 for 3. So unless you plan on eating MORE THAN SIX tacos, it's a waste (especially since you can't choose exactly which ones you want and get them when you want them). Cantina is a fine restaurant, but this "deal" sucks (unless you're on the rugby team or something..).

  • 4 months ago the other alex

    Hey buddy! Indeed, was working off screwy financials. Article amended. If you're going to an "Unlimited Tacos" promotion and not topping six, yeah, this isn't for you. I averaged eight tacos per visit. I was grabbing three/four at a time and I often had first pick since I went early. Caveat emptor.

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