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[Tested]: Hummus House, a New Delivery Service Dedicated to Mashed Chickpeas

By Aug 31, 2017 Dining


Hanady Awada, the Lebanese-American cook behind Recipe Nomad has decided to answer the pleas of neighbors and friends by selling her food. Not the whole enchilada, just her hummus. The operation’s called Hummus House. You pre-order during the week and Hanady makes it by the boatload every Wednesday. In its second week, the one woman hummus factory has gotten about 75 orders — but is it any good? Hummus-relating thoughts, feelings, ponderings, and info on how to order after the jump.


So... What's on Offer?

As of now, there are three things on the menu: classic hummus (40rmb), spicy hummus (50rmb), and a special that changes every week. This week, it was roasted garlic hummus with balsamic onions (60rmb). 60rmb. For hummus. So yeah, it's a bit pricey, especially because the hummus comes in 8oz cups. Buuuuuut let's move on to how they tasted...



I like it hot, so this one was my favorite. It’s got a kick to it (maybe a 7 out of 10 on the spicy scale) but this is balanced out by lots of fresh cilantro thrown on top. Really good. Like currently licking the container good. Worth 50rmb? Hmmm...treat yo self?

The Classic


Bordering on bland and a little oily, but in fairness better than most of the take-away hummus I've encountered thus far in Shanghai which have tended to be a little too dry. If you’re a skim milk kind of a person, order the plain; otherwise go with the others, they were much more exciting.

The Special


This week’s special hummus was roasted garlic with balsamic onions; it was sweet, tangy, and so so garlicky in all the right ways. Sorry you can’t get this, so I’ll just say it was good. Plot twist: the specials won't always be hummus: it's roasted beat hummus with pistachios, honey and goat cheese next week, then baba ghanoush the following week.

P.S. You can also add pita or veggies but that'll run you another 20rmb and 30rmb. So. Not ideal. The pita was more pita chip, crunchy and baked with spices.

Getting The Hummus…


If you're into lavish hummus and unfettered by economic restraints, you have to put your order in before Tuesday at 5pm. The hummus gets made every Wednesday and you can pick it up or get it delivered after 12pm.

Delivery is through Shansong and the fee varies depending on your location, and you don't know the fee till day of (also not ideal). It was 26rmb for delivery to the SmSh office (yikes!), which is centrally located on Xiangyang Lu, Changle Lu. Also, you can't be waiting for your hummus, it's gonna come when it's ready, I got a 1pm estimate but it showed at 2pm (note: they are in their second week). There are three pick-up locations: One in Hongqiao, Jinqiao, and Minhang; more details are given after you order. For payment, you can use cash or WeChat.

Place your order via WeChat: hmawada




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  • 2 years ago HananYariv

    THC Hummus was the best in China - Where are you The Healthy Chef ?! :(

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