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[Tested]: Sherpas' Brand New iOS App (Released Today)
By Mar 15, 2017 Dining
Good news for couch potatoes: Sherpas has just released a much needed update of their website and a brand new iOS app. I gave the app a quick test run to see if everything was in working order. Spoilers: Yes, it was very nice. Details inside.


Log into your account and you'll see a list of restaurants based on your GPS location. You can also find deals and news, as you would on the Sherpas blog.

Ordering is a breeze. It runs pretty much as the site does. It's easy to select toppings and individual options for your dishes, and previously saved addresses are already available for you to choose from. The only thing I didn't see was an order history of previous purchases made on the website.

Sherpas says that they have a new and more accurate way of calculating delivery fees, so you might see some changes there. The only complaint I heard was from the delivery guy, but he says it was his first day using it, so he's not familiar with it yet.

All-in-all it's a very well designed app. You can grab it here on the Apple App Store. Android users: as usual, you'll have to wait your turn. No word on when that'll be yet. (Leave your angry Android-user comments below.)


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  • 2 years ago the other alex

    Blatant Androidism.

  • 2 years ago nininini82 Unverified User

    TOUCHI APP, using Mealbay service for androiders... THEY CAME OUT LATE AND WITH NO ANDROID VERSION..Sherpa please GO back home !!!

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